Little 3

Little 3, born in March 2015, is 5 years old, he has such a lovely character and is a happy little soul with an abundance of cheekiness, everybody that knows him loves him and I am not just saying that, it really is true. He just has something about him that draws the attention of all the old ladies in the post office and we regularly get comments on what a lovely little boy he is.

Little 3 has grown up a lot lately, the toddler with the infectious giggles has made way for a little boy who, since starting school in September, has become fiercely independent. I stand and watch as my boy gets his own breakfast and handles the milk with little assistance, the look of pride and achievement on his face that he can do what his sisters do.

He is so darn clever too. He has not been at school long but has already shot through several levels of reading book, just like his big sisters did. His maths and number knowledge amazes me as he can add and subtract in 10's, do simple sums and count far beyond where the girls could at his age. Getting him to pick up a pen and write though just doesn't interest him, he would rather play.

He has a thing for tracks and cars, there is usually one around my living room somewhere, a train track with cars crossing, the Paw Patrol track and gang in the middle of a daring rescue or a simple line of cars. He plays for hours with these thinking up elaborate scenarios or adjusting them little by little and leaving each one out for a week, woe betide me if I put them away, I hoover around them now.

He also loves fire engines and emergency vehicles and has built up quite a collection, he shouts out if he sees one when we are driving and can tell us which siren it is long before we see the vehicle. He talks about being a fireman, helping and rescuing people, I could see him doing that one day.

He loves to be outdoors exploring, walking, running and getting close to nature. Like Little 2, he loves animals and enjoys visiting the local wetland or wildlife parks. He is happiest outdoors in his wellies, on his scooter or simply walking with a stick in hand.

Little 3 is one of those children who likes his comfort and cuddles, he still finds his way onto my lap multiple times a day with a little smile as he climbs onto my knee and snuggles in, his little thumb slipping into his mouth, I should probably stop him sucking his thumb but he only does it when he is in bed or tired, he doesn't do it at school. 

You can not help but adore him, such a good little boy, he is funny, happy and clever and so full of character is Little 3.