Little 3

Little 3, born in March 2015 is 4 years old, he has such a lovely character and is a happy little soul with an abundance of cheekiness too. He smiles and waves at strangers from the pushchair and draws the attention of all the ladies in the post office, we are always being stopped with comments on how happy he is or ones about his hair.

Little 3 will have us in stitches with his infectious giggles as he spins around in circles until he falls down saying 'oops' in the cutest way you can imagine. He will tear around the living room narrowly avoiding corners squealing with delight as he wants us to chase him, peeping out from the curtains and shouting 'boo'. He is almost always happy.

He is so darn clever too. He will hide if you ask him to come and have his teeth brushed, but he goes and stands behind the net curtain with his back to you where he thinks you can't see him, arms hunched up, giggling quietly. Or if you tell him he can't have something and he will throw his arms out and have a second or two cry, put out a pouty lip and then stand a few feet away with his back to you and he will not come back to you for several minutes until you go and get him or he gets bored and goes off to play.

He seems to have no fear and bombs around with the girls as if he is as big as them. Football in the garden, no problem. He runs up and down giggling getting in on the centre of the action, if he tumbles he just gets back up. He wants to climb and run with them, sometimes you have to help him do what they do otherwise he will get cross and have a little paddy, he simply does not understand that he isn't quite as able as them yet.

He wants to be one of the gang, get in with the games and join in the fun although his efforts are not always appreciated by the girls, he certainly makes sure that he gets his fair share of the attention too.

Little 3 is one of those children who likes his comfort and cuddles, he may be a cheeky chap but he loves his cuddles. Dozens of times a day he will come over arms outstretched saying 'cuggle, cuggle'. As soon as you pick him up he goes for the left shoulder, he lays down his head, pops his thumb in his mouth and crawls up on his knees as high as he can get kneeling on my chest where he will stay for ages. I love my cuddles with him, he gives the cutest kisses too.

You can not help but adore him, such a good little boy, he is funny, happy and clever and so full of character.