Little 2

Little 2 is our youngest daughter, she is 7 years old (born Feb 2012). She is a scrummy, cheeky, happy little thing with a wicked sense of humour and smile to match. She is very caring and helpful and she likes to be tidy just like her Mummy (I can't stand clutter or mess).

She loves lotions, creams and make up especially lip balms and glittery things, if it has gone quiet I know I will find her in her bedroom or plastering lip gloss and glittery powder all over her face! She likes to have her nails painted and is occasionally allowed to have a go at painting my toes! If she isn't routing through my makeup in my room she is in the cupboards trying on multiple dress and tights combinations. I think she will really be into make up and shoes when she is older.

Little 2 comes across as being older than she is. She is intelligent, like her big sister, and her reading skills are fantastic, she has great pronunciation and understanding and has flown through the reading levels since starting school, her writing is coming on leaps and bounds and is really neat too, sometimes I forget how much younger than her sister she really is.

She has a lot of sense for a young child and quite a grown up head on little shoulders, she remembers everything even things from months ago that I had forgotten and will often help me to do things by being my helper. She is great to be around and really easy going if she is allowed to do things the way that she wants, if not then she can get quite cross but is always soothed with a cuddle.  

She loves animals and collectibles and is usually found playing with her babies, dressing them and putting them to bed or lining up all her collectibles in colour order and drawing pictures of them. She likes to be outdoors wearing wellies jumping in puddles or at the park and would ride her bike all day long if I let her, she loves to be outdoors.

She is a joy to parent, but she had a rebellious streak- her teenage years are going to be a challenge!!

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