Little 2

Little 2, our youngest daughter is a bit of a character, she is 8 years old (born Feb 2012). She is a crazy, cheeky, happy little thing obsessed with unicorns and gymnastics and a wicked sense of humour and smile to match. She is very caring and kind and will always be the first to share her sweets or let her siblings have control over the tv remote.

She is the fashionista of the family, preferring skirts and dresses to trousers, often picking out the brightest outfit and trying on multiple dress and tights combinations until she decides what she wants to wear- the brighter the better and she doesn't care what anyone else thinks. I think she will really be into and fashion when she is older.

Little 2 is sensible and intelligent, like her big sister, and her reading skills are fantastic, she has great pronunciation and understanding and is currently excelling in this area now she is at Junior school. Her writing is coming on leaps and bounds and is really neat too, but she sometimes forgets how to spell in her rush to write down magical, mythical stories and elaborate explanations. She has a fantastic memory and remembers everything, even things from months ago that I had forgotten, she will never let you forget a promise.

She loves animals and has some sort of quiet understanding of them. She often disappears for a bit and I go looking for her to find her snuggled up with one of the cats on the landing or our bed spending time talking to them and stroking them lovingly. 

She likes to be outdoors wearing wellies jumping in puddles or at the park and would ride her bike all day long if I let her, she loves to be outdoors and has so much energy and a love for nature.

Little 2 is either one of two things, quiet or crazy, there isn't an inbetween. One minute she is stroking the cat watching tv then she will be completely crazy, singing, dancing, and doing gymnastics all over the furniture. She, like Little 1, does acrobatic gymnastics and is getting really rather good at it. She trains 8 hours a week in an elite competition squad learning gymnastics routines to music in her trio, she is one of those little ones in a trio called a top that gets thrown around and climbs on top of the other two to balance on their hands and somersault to the ground. This year she will start competing in the South West, I can't wait to see how she gets on.

She is great to be around and really easy going if she is allowed to do things the way that she wants, if not then she can get quite cross but is always soothed with a cuddle. She is a joy to parent, but she has a rebellious streak- her teenage years are going to be a challenge!!

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