Little 1

Little 1 is our eldest daughter, at 11 years old (born October 2009) she is growing up fast and already developing teenage tendencies. She has really shot up in the past year and still checks her height against me almost daily telling me she will soon be taller than I am- it really won't be long! She is still my little girl though.

She completely devoted to her little brother and has a fantastic relationship with him.  Her relationship with Little 2 is more hit and miss, they can get on well for ages but then fall out spectacularly and do enjoy winding each other up- siblings eh!

She loves arts and crafts and writing as well as pretending to run a school (she'd make a good teacher). She is often found making things out of scraps of paper or creating bookmarks or word searches for us to complete as well as inventing and choreographing  plays or shows involving her brother and sister. I often go to see what they are up to in her bedroom and find all her clothes over the floor where they are sorting costumes or paper everywhere as they make props and design scenery.

She likes to read and always has around 5 books on the go- how she keeps track of what is happening in each I don't know. She is now in year six at school and absolutely loves it, she is a fantastic mathematician and loves writing, she is always writing little plays, stories and lists - her desk can not be seen under the mountain of paper on it but I am forbidden to tidy is as it is all special to her.

She began gymnastics at the age of 8 and a half and has worked hard, often battling with her confidence, to learn new moves. She quickly secured a spot in tumbling classes in September 2018 and loves tumbling. 

At the beginning of January 2020 she made it into the Junior Competition Squad, she loves gymnastics and is always happy in the gym or out on the trampoline practicing her flics. She is rarely upright at home, cartwheeling across the living room or dive rolling onto the sofa and always tries to get Little 3 to come and have a gym lesson with her.

She loves being outside and as long as she can wear wellies, play, climb and jump in puddles she is happy where ever we go. She is is beginning to show an interest in fashion, hair and make up too.

She loves puzzles and games and is happiest when we all play games together. She likes to be busy in the kitchen helping to make cakes and biscuits and sometimes helps to cook tea too. She is growing up fast and has some big changes coming up ahead- we have already started to look around secondary schools.

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