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Hi I'm Sarah,

I am Mummy to two gorgeous little girls aged 10 and 8 years old and a scrummy little boy age 5 (known throughout my blog as Little 1, Little 2 and Little 3), 'Daddy' completes our family. We live in the Cotswolds.

I used to write a diary when Little 1 was born but like most things it fell by the wayside, then I was introduced to the lovely world of blogging by a friend and Loving Life with Little Ones was born in January 2014, I instantly got hooked!

I started this blog as a diary for my Little Ones, to capture family life and record memories of the things we do together. You can read about the crafty things we do, the games we play and the fun we have out and about as well as my take on parenting and all the ups and downs being a parent entails. It also includes the odd post of my thoughts thrown in as well as the odd review. hope you enjoy reading and sharing our journey.

I am happy to discuss anything related to this blog, whether it is one of my posts, a topic I have written about, a sponsored post, review or related advertising or anything else for that matter.

Please email me at www.lovinglifewithlittleones@talktalk.net

Or I can be found on twitter as @lifelittleones and facebook.com/lifelittleones as well as Instagram, www.instagram.com/lifelittleones and I am on pinterest too.

I look forward to chatting with you.

Sarah xx

All content on the site has been written wholly by me and may not be removed from the site without my permission including all photographs.