31 May 2021

Building big with the Core K'nex 70 model building set

What terrible weather we have been having lately, rain, rain and more rain. Having been stuck inside due to the weather and not being allowed to visit anywhere the Little Ones have been turning to their toys more for entertainment. Imagine their joy when a giant box of Core K'nex turned up for review recently.

We are already fans of K'nex having reviewed Kid K'nex last year but this new box took our building to another level. With over 700 pieces you can certainly use your imagination to build big with this set. Suitable for ages 7 years plus, the box contained a host of different sized connectors, rods and spacers as well as wheels and a big instruction manual.

I love K'nex as it is great fun for imaginative play and learning at the same time. With the click together technology your creations can be combined in endless ways, have moving parts and are only limited by your imagination. K'nex is brilliant for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) skills while you and your child create, discover and build your models or machines.

The 70 model building set comes in a big and sturdy box with lots of room for hands delving for the required piece and even to keep your finished creations inside tidily and to prevent them being broken apart by siblings looking to build the ultimate play park!

The instruction manual shows how to build 15 different items from a swordfish to a hot air balloon in coloured step by step images. Little 3 and Daddy took on the challenge to build the diver and diving board one wet afternoon.

The instructions are easy to follow with each piece of K'nex being a different colour so you know what you are looking for in the box. There are lines showing what coloured piece to connect to where in the pictures and close up pictures for the fiddly bits.

Little 3 and Daddy worked together to build and it wasn't long before Little 3 wanted to show me his model.

As well as the 15 step by step images in the instruction manual there are 4 pages of pictures at the back showing some of the other 70 models that can be made with the kit, all you need to do to follow the link provided and enter the pin number in your manual to access them, Little 1 did and created this cool camera which even has a rotating lens and buttons that push down when you press them!

You can build so much with this set as there are so many pieces, the girls built a giant play park one afternoon and had fun with it for ages with some toy people they have. Little 2 then destroyed it much to her sisters annoyance to build a school bus. There is so much you can do with K'nex you can even 'build bigger than the box!'.

The Core K'nex 70 piece building set is for sale at John Lewis and other retailers and retails for an RRP of around £40-45. We received the product in return for a review.

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