8 April 2021

Good clean fun - Anti-Bacterial slime Review

'Mum, Can I get some slime?' is a near daily request from the 11 year old, she loves the stuff. I can't say I have been quite as in love with the substance as she  in the past but having been testing out Anti-Bacterial slime from Canal Toys this week I have found a brand that ticks all my boxes.


Slime, the gooey, stringy play thing that all the Little Ones love, has been a hit in our house for a while now. We were sent 2 pots of Anti-Bacterial slime for review purposes and I can confirm they have been thoroughly tested here, so what did we think.

The one thing that caught my attention from this brand was the Anti-Bacterial bit, being a mum to three who like to play in the garden, cuddle the guinea pig and don't always wash their hands as often as I would like, I was interested. With the current climate and cleanliness being very important right now it definitely ticked a box. I would often throw things like this out after a week cringing about how much bacteria is being harboured in those little pots after the Little Ones have had their mucky hands on it- but not this one. 

Anti-Bacterial Slime from Canal toys kills 99.9% of bacteria for up to a month which I think is fantastic, the Little Ones will have lovely germ free hands multiple times a day judging by how often they have been getting it out to play with. It is child safe and alcohol free, I love the fact that the slime itself will stay hygienic and therefore it will last a lot longer too.

Not only is the slime Anti-Bacterial but as slime goes this one is mum friendly, super stretchy and fun to play with but yet not stringy or sticky so it doesn't get everywhere and is simple to clean up as it just gets picked up to go back in the pot, no scraping this one off your fingers.

Anti-Bacterial slime is available in single pots and a 4 pack tube from Amazon and Smyths toy stores.

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