9 November 2020

Twisty girlz review -doll or bracelet?

Little 2 loves girly collectibles and anything animal themed is instantly a big hit with her. She likes trinkets and jewellery and anything deemed as cute or quirky. We were recently gifted a Twisty Girlz toy for review and Little 2 was the perfect child to test it.

Twisty Girlz is the new toy from Twisty Petz, the bracelets that can be twisted into animals (Little 2 has a few of those). In this new toy, which follows the same principle, you receive a Twisty Girl- we got Lea-Purr - and her pet in a cute cardboard carrier as well as instructions and a collector guide.

The Twisty Girlz doll is made of a series of shaped beads on elastic to look like a person which transforms cleverly into a bracelet by unpopping the skirt from the body, straightening it out and then popping the skirt into the top of the dolls head. 


Each doll has a pet, we got a cute fuzzy cat which can be both a cat when twisted and uncoiled into a ring by popping the tail into the cats head using the same elastic and bead principle.

When the doll is changed into a bracelet you can attach the included lead to the dolls wrist and then to the ring for a wearable fashion accessory. Little 2 liked playing with the doll and the cat in the carrier then when we went out she took they toy with her on her wrist.

There are 8 different Twisty Girlz to collect in series 1 and some are rarer than others. They retail for £9.99 and would make a great stocking filler this Christmas.

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