30 October 2020

Little 1 reads Mermaid Eclipse- A book for teens

At the grand old age of 11 Little 1 is finding it harder to find different books to read that she likes. She is a capable and able reader with a good vocabulary and this has often been where she has a problem. Little 1 needs to like a book very quickly, right from the start, she doesn't have time to see what the first few chapters hold, she either likes it or not. More grown up books are often boring to her and get cast aside without a chance. Not Mermaid Eclipse though....

Little 1 still likes to read easy going funny books and popular books by well known authors and will often curl up in a corner chuckling away whilst reading and sharing the funny bits with the rest of the family. Equally she loves to read a book she can get her teeth into so to speak (not literally), one to read on her own, often in bed where she can concentrate on what she is reading without her siblings around, something with a little more complex storyline or with harder vocabulary.

Little 1 still likes fantasy, her shelves are filled with magic and adventure, she was asked to review a new book aimed at teens and young adults by N.E Carlisle called Mermaid Eclipse, being intrigued by the adventure and a secret love of Mermaids she was keen to see the story unfold.

Mermaid Eclipse tells the story of Muriel and Morgan, twins with such a connection that it can be a struggle to find their own identities. A father behaving strangely and a mother getting sicker by the day is bad enough without the death of Aunt Mallory at sea. When the twins set out to find the truth about what happened they discovered a family curse, can they keep their family together and just what is the connection to the ocean.

Little 1 was keen to read the book (and secretly I was too), with 171 pages the book is a good length for its target reader base, not too long to get bogged down and with a sharp and quick storyline. Little 1 found the book moved fast which she liked, it kept her interest and didn't take too long to read. I found that when I read it I sometimes reached the end of a page and realised there was a really important line or sentence that held a lot of importance to the storyline that I had not fully absorbed, I had to re-read a page here and there to ingest the details but this might have been because I read quickly and being a shorter book the storyline progresses quickly.

The character and setting description is good, I could really imagine the scene and what was going on, Little 1 drew a picture at one point in the story and her underwater scene was very much similar to how I had imagined it would be in my head too.

The story was captivating and full of twists but it did seem to end suddenly leaving me thinking 'Oh'. Little 1 however wasn't bothered by the unexpected ending and spent a while pondering what had actually happened, thinking about what she had read and how it all fitted together.

Mermaid Eclipse is a good book for that inbetween reader who wants a fantasy storyline and a slightly harder read, I agree it is aimed at teens but the vocabulary wasn't too difficult for an avid 11 year old reader to understand.

Mermaid Eclipse is available in paperback (£12.95) and as an Ebook (£6) at bookshops and online retailers.

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