2 September 2020

Playmobil EverDreamerz 2 Comic city toy review

Playmobil is one of those toys that we have had in our house for years and still the Little Ones ask for more. Little 1 first received Playmobil on her 4th birthday and now at almost 11 it is still on her Christmas list, we have got quite a bit of it and it has to be the toy that is played with the most by all three of them. We recently got sent some of the Playmobil Everdreamerz 2 Comic City collection to review so read on to see what the Little Ones think.

Playmobil Everdreamerz follows 5 best friends- Viola, Edwina, Rosalee, Clare and Starleen as they use a magical amulet to travel to their dreamworlds to open new and exciting stories and adventures. In Series 2 Edwina's Comic City dreamscape becomes reality, a world where everything can be drawn and erased. 

Trouble comes when colour leaves the world and the five friends have to team up with unique characters to restore the colour. Will the evil Lady Nightmare turn their dreams to nightmares and can the power of friendship reunite them?

The Little Ones were very lucky to be sent all five big surprise boxes from Everdreamerz series 2 to review as well as 2 character surprise boxes.
Each big surprise box is a different colour, there is one for each character. Carefully cut of the cardboard wrap (together the 5 wraps create a scene) and break the side seal, inside are 4 surprise packages to open.

Inside each box are 8 surprises, the character comes with clip on clothing and a clip on hairstyle or accessory, a little scene set up including a sign and a comic, their magic pet, a collectors card and a sticker, as well as a bracelet, bead and charm and a water pen.

Edwina here, comes with weights and a gym bag containing a drink bottle, she has a blue pet cat and her flag/sign and comic which all use the water pen to reveal their colours.

Each of the characters have different accessories, they all make cute play sets on their own and with the addition of the bracelet and sticker/collector card, they are remarkably good value for Playmobil at RRP £14.99

The girls checked out the Everdreamerz stories on youtube, the theme tune is pretty catchy, to learn all about the girls and Comic city. They then spent hours making up stories of their own and playing with the play sets.

Little 2 loved the bracelets that came with each character, a bead and a charm simply slide onto the bracelet which can all be mixed and matched. They are easy for little fingers to do up by themselves too.

Alongside the 5 main big character boxes there are 12 surprise character boxes containing figures from the Everdreamerz stories such as Lady Nightmare, Justin-Time and Mrs Pencil.

In the blind surprise box you receive a playmobil character with an item of clothing, a sign and accessory, a collectible card, sticker and a charm to add to your bracelet.

We received Mrs Unicorn, which Little 2 was very pleased about, and Colourista who is limited edition and carries a golden bracelet charm. These blind boxes are priced at £5.99 good value for what you get inside.

There are lots of accessories in each big surpreise box (between 27-32 pieces) and the element of unboxing makes these great fun to open, lots of the packaging is cardboard so can be reused to make the scene or recycled too.

Little 1 loved the colouring element of the toy, fill the water pen and colour the sign, flag and comic to turn them from white to bright colours. Everdreamerz series 2 is available in all good toy store and online.

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