15 July 2020

Harry Potter Magical Capsules unboxing review

With a swish of her cloak and a flick of her wand, Little 1 comes running into the room followed by her brother and sister both wearing wonky school ties and scarves to their knees. 'Petrificus totalis' they shout, grinning and giggling as I freeze on the spot pretending not to be able to move. The Little Ones are playing 'Harry Potter' again. 

The girls are really into Harry Potter again at the moment, Little 1 is making her way through the books and is most of the way through book four desperate to find out what happens next while Little 2 has just watched the third film for the first time.

Little 1 was delighted when we were sent a Harry Potter Magical Capsule to review offering a brand new way to unbox and collect creatures and wizards from the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter. Could she follow the clues as she opened her capsule and guess who the character was inside?

The series 1 bronze Hogwarts style crest contains one of 10 characters to collect including one who is ultra-rare to find. As well as your wizard character there are 6 other magical surprises in the crest including Hogwarts and Fantastic beasts pets, wands, accessories and a collectors card. Who would we find in ours?

Little 1 got stuck into opening her capsule and was delighted to find that not only is there the excitement of unboxing and guessing the clues but there are exciting ways to reveal the clues as well. Inside compartment 1 on the top of the crest was the Hogwarts shield.

Warm the shield in your hand for a few moments and the reverse changes colour to show the house your character comes from- we got Gryffindor.

Next open compartment 2 on the top of the crest to reveal a blank piece of paper?? No, secret water activated paper showing a spell commonly cast by your character.

We had a pretty good idea who the character could be now but also thought it could be another too. Time to open the main compartment 3 on the back of the crest.

I was pleased to see the four packages were made from paper (bonus points for using recyclable materials there) and Little 1 was delighted at how they looked, resisting the urge to rip them open she read them and looked at then carefully examining the detail.

Leaving the character until last she opened the other packages, first out was a tiny pot of broomcare wax, remembering the part of one of the books where Hermione gave Harry some broom wax for Christmas she shouted, 'I think it is Harry I have'.

Then followed some bat spleen mixture, a broom with a stand and the tell tale giveaway, as if we hadn't guessed who the character was already, a golden snitch. 

The last package contained Harry himself who clips onto the broom, looking at the collectors card we realised that Little 1 had managed to get the ultra- rare character and she was pretty pleased. I loved the detail in the model, his hair, the painted eyes and glasses as well as his scar.

Little 1 wants to collect them all now, priced at an RRP of £9.99 they are reasonably priced for what you get and a great collectable for someone her age. Available now from Kaptoys LTD and Tesco and other major toy stores.  

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