21 July 2020

Running free again...at NT Newark Park

Having been stuck indoors for long periods of time over several months and not able to do the outdoor things we thrived on was tough, once it was safe and things began to open we began to venture outdoors again, our first trip out was to Newark Park, a National Trust property.

15 July 2020

Harry Potter Magical Capsules unboxing review

With a swish of her cloak and a flick of her wand, Little 1 comes running into the room followed by her brother and sister both wearing wonky school ties and scarves to their knees. 'Petrificus totalis' they shout, grinning and giggling as I freeze on the spot pretending not to be able to move. The Little Ones are playing 'Harry Potter' again. 

7 July 2020

Home learning.. how we did it

With school closed for lockdown and three children at home the prospect of a prolonged period of home learning was not something I was looking forward to. How was I going to get all three children's home learning done at the same time?