5 May 2020

And then they were gone..

The last six weeks we have been in lockdown, there are several things we are really missing and one of them is the amount of time we spend outdoors. Most weekends we would go out on a Sunday, a walk, a National Trust place or the local wetlands centre.

The last walk we went on was Mother's Day, having just had our last day at school and with social distancing in place, we knew lockdown was coming and soon. We headed not too far to one place we often visit for a quick walk.

It was busier than usual but with plenty of space we didn't get close to anyone, the Little ones had room to throw each other a tennis ball around and run freely.

The Little Ones were happy and free but they did not know what was around the corner. As I watched them sit and play with stones and look out at the views I felt very strange, I didn't know what was ahead for us, I just knew we wouldn't be back for quite a while.

All the usual antics ensued, the climbing of the big fallen tree we always headed for, some posing for photographs, bug hunting and stick carrying but at the same time it did not feel normal at all.

As we walked my thoughts turned to my family's safety, as a teaching assistant I am a  keyworker. School was closed to most but I was going to work the next day and as Daddy was still going to work the Little Ones had to go to school too as the children of a keyworker. This put us more at risk, would we get the virus?

Down through the valley and up through the woods and it was time to go back to the car. It did feel strange driving home, knowing life was about to change, that life was going to be different for some time. Those weekend walks we love so much....a couple of days later they were gone.

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