1 April 2020

Shopkins real littles icy treats review

What is it about cute little collectibles that has the girls angling after them so much? They want them for Birthdays and Christmas and save their pocket money and ask to go to the supermarket at weekends to see if there is anything new. Well something new there is, the Shopkins Real Littles icy treats collection.

The Shopkins Real Littles icy treats collection, is now in the freezer. With over 50 to collect, Series 2 Shopkins Real Littles are your favourite supermarket brands, Walls, Kellog's, Slush Puppie's and many more. Tiny mini versions of our favourite brands turned into Shopkins. We were kindly gifted some of the new collection to review so what did the girls think?

Little 2 was desperate to open the 2-pack (RRP £3.99) with new melt away packaging first. All she had to do was put the whole thing in some water, no need to open anything first. Inside the outer bag is a box which dissolves in water, it took a moment and with a bit of rubbing the wet box ended up resembling wall paper paste and Little 2 spotted the packets inside. I swilled it off in the sink and washed the packets clean for her to open.

She was delighted with what she found inside, not just Shopkins characters but tiny packaging looking like the real thing with delightful characters inside. A tub of Breyers choc mint ice cream with a cute scoop of ice cream character and a black bean patty veggie burger too.

Next we opened the Lil shopper pack (RRP £11.99) containing 8 food packages with 8 Shopkins inside and a collectors guide, as an extra surprise the shopkins were inside a life like food package that looked like an ice pop package. Inside we found rare characters.... King Cone and Kiki Lime Pie, ultra rare Buttercup pancakes and limited edition Grape O Liscious slushie and Merri Cherri Slushie as well as some common characters.

The real littles icy treats are well known brands (a lot of them are American) but things like Slush puppie and the Walls logo are well known here so the girls were thrilled with their icy treats even though they didn't know most of the brands, I did have to explain key lime pie to them though.

The packages are well made, most of them are hard plastic with lids that clip on securely so you can keep your shopkin inside, stack them and play with them and a few are cardboard boxes (the two that came with the scooter), these obviously won't last as long when they are played with but the girls loved them equally. They actually look like the real packaging too. 

The Shopkins themselves are cute and look great, the scoops of ice cream are my favourite closely followed by the slush puppies, there is lots of detail and the Lil' chip cookie sandwich even has a squishy centre which I thought was a great touch.

The Stacey Cakes and icy treats scooter playset (RRP £29.99) includes Stacey with coloured pigtails, a red dress, high heels and a hairband along with a stand. She comes with her scooter, an umbrella, a spoon, two exclusive Shopkins and their treat boxes.

The girls have spent a lot of time playing shops and cafes with the Shopkins and Stacey delivering on her scooter, they really love the lifelike packaging and being able to put the Shopkins in the tubs and boxes over and over. Little 2 has set up her ice cream stall with the umbrella and Stacey's scooter, she loves the little spoon that came with the set and feeds Stacey ice cream, we have to stop by and make a purchase multiple times a day.

With over 50 to collect Shopkins Real Little icy treats are available at Asda, Smyths, Tesco and The Entertainer. If you head over to www.shopkinsreallittles.co.uk there are chances to win prizes and more too.

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