28 April 2020

Keeping the children entertained with Spinmaster Toys

We have all heard those dreaded words uttered from the mouths of our offspring, on wet rainy days and those where we have been stuck inside, the long summer holiday or the days where they just seem to annoy each other endlessly. 'I'm bored', they say. Well, not this week as we have been having some mother-daughter time with the help of the Kumikreator 2 in 1 necklace and bracelet maker and the Go Glam nail stamper kindly gifted to us from Spinmaster.

We have been working with Spinmaster for a few years now and have reviewed some fantastic products from the creative Pottery Cool potter's wheel and air dry clay studio to cute collectibles the girls can't get enough of including the Hatchimal glitter salon playset. We all spent hours playing with the Kenetic sand beach playset (and still love it) and Little 3 is often getting out his Paw Patrol rescue track sets which have become a firm favourite toy and look as good as new. There are so many ways to battle the boredom with Spinmaster.

The latest products we have been trying out to keep us occupied have meant the girls and I have had some fab mother-daughter time which we all enjoyed.

Kumikreator 2 in 1 Bracelet and necklace maker
The Kumikreator helps you to make stylish friendship bracelets and necklaces using spools of thread and the winding machine that entwines the threads together in cool fun designs to create a fab looking braid that you can wear over and over again. 

Choose your bracelet colours, from one of the design options included or design your own and load the white bobbins into the winder by simply clipping them into place on the machine and threading the thread into the thread holder ensuring it remains taut. Close the catch and you are ready to wind.

As you wind the handle the bobbins move creating the bracelet, the spring loaded arm keeps the bracelet taut as you go.

Once the red lines meet up it is time to stop, measure your wrist with the measurement guide and work out where to stick the stickers (these stop the bracelet unravelling) before you remove the bracelet from the machine.

Next trim the thread ends beside the stickers , thread on a clasp half and the securing clip just under the sticker then gently pull the clasp into place.

Voila, stylish bracelets in gorgeous colours and easy to take on and off. The girls absolutely love making them, they have made matching friendship bracelets for themselves and their friends as well as ones for me that match theirs. 

To make the necklaces you need to use the black bobbins which have more thread on them, begin exactly as you would a bracelet then once the red lines meet on the arm you pop on a sticker at the start and unhook the  arm clasp to remove the beginning of the bracelet and pull the arm back to the starting position, place the completed part of the bracelet in the groove and in the grove at the back to hold it and then continue winding.

As the arm opens you end up making a double length braid which is finished off in the same way as the bracelets, add the tassel clip with some thread attached and there you have your necklace too.

The Kumikreator 2 in 1 costs around £29.99 and comes with 60 spools of thread in 5 colours, enough thread to make up to 5 bracelets and 2 necklaces but there are all sorts of extra thread kits you can buy starting at £4.99, we bought a huge neon set for Little 1 that makes up to 24 bracelets and a small purple hue and blue hue set for Little 2 that each make 4 bracelets.

Go Glam Nail stamper
Next up it was time to paint our nails with the added fun of the Go Glam nail stamper, the set comes with two nail varnishes in purple and blue, a top coat, a stamper and 5 stamps with flamingos, cats, cupcakes, hearts and unicorns on them along with a zipped bag to store it all in.

You simply paint your nails with the coloured base coat and wait a few minutes for it to dry, choose your pattern cartridge and load it into the back of the stamper.

Put your nails one by one in the stamper and firmly press and release the stamper to stick the chosen design onto the nail polish. The designs stuck well and looked good.

A quick top coat to seal it in and you are finished, the girls bite their nails so there wasn't much area to cover on their little hands but we thought it looked pretty good. The stamper works well and winds the cartridge for you each time so no fiddling about and it is super easy to change the design cartridge too.

The designs are colourful and cool, there is enough in the set to stamp around 125 nails with the cartridges included. My favourite is the hearts, though the girls love the unicorns and flamingo designs best.

The nail varnish lasted around 3 days and a couple of baths before it started to come off and what I liked best is that it could be peeled off so we didn't need to use nail varnish remover although you could use it of you wanted too.

As always with Spinmaster products we had a great afternoon of fun making bracelets and painting our nails, even Little 3 had his done. It was a fab way of spending an afternoon and some quality time together and I didn't hear those dreaded three words once!

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