7 April 2020

Home learning - Coding Critter fun with Bopper, Hip and Hop

There are some cute munching sounds coming from the dining table, followed by some snores. Little 3 is completely absorbed practicing his left from his right and learning all about cause and effect as well as early coding, home learning is going well today. You see he is playing with Learning Resources Coding Critters and having a great time.  

Little 3 was gifted a Learning Resources coding critters playset and an additional play pack recently and he simply has not stopped playing with them since, they are perfect for home learning right now and great to play with too. Teaching sequencing, coding, cause and effect as well as things like debugging, logic and maths these coding critters are not only a great toy but educational too.

Meet Bopper, the cute little rabbit. Bopper has simple controls that any child age 4 plus can instantly get the hang of in order to code her and make her move around. Simply by pressing a combination of left, right, forwards and backwards you can programme her to move, just press the middle button to set her off on the path you set. 

The coding critters playset contains, alongside Bopper (who requires 3 x AAA batteries which are not supplied), a tree tunnel with a removable swing, a magnetic carrot, a trailer, a tree stump slide, and cute bunny friends Hip and Hop as well as two trees, a coding story book and 10 coding cards. 

Little 3 loves making Bopper move around, trying to get the right combination of commands and the correct distance to get her to go under the tree bridge or run up to her friends, he loves to code forwards, backwards on repeat so she can swing her friends in the swing too.

Bopper's carrot is magnetic so she can run up to it and then carry it around with her, or attach the trailer and she can carry her friends along for a ride, there is lots of play element with this coding critters play set as well as the element of coding itself.

The included storybook has a coding challenge, through a simple story it teaches your child to use Bopper and explore the elements in the playset then they can try it out on their own.

Bopper has a play mode function too, just hold down the button on her back and her nose for two seconds and the centre button on her back lights up. Now she will play, the forward button makes her make eating sounds especially when she has her carrot, the left makes her snore and the right sends her into a dance around the table. The Little Ones love this play function which make Bopper seem like an interactive toy, they spend ages playing with her, especially Little 2.

Coding Critters have several playsets and some additional playsets, Fluffy and Buffy came to play with us. Two cute bunnies with a mini carrot and food bowl and a great booklet with lots of activities designed to get your child thinking about coding, they are compatible with other playsets and are a great addition to ours. 

Little 2 loved making up little games with Fluffy and Buffy playing with them with the big playset and also having a go at the activities in the book using the punch out paw print cards.

Coding Critters Bopper playset is available for around £40 and the add on sets are around £10, available online at  or on Amazon. They are suitable for ages 4+ , both Little 1 and 2 at 5 and 8 years old love them.

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