23 February 2020

Uni-verse surprise, the collectible with the fun reveal

There is a new collectible on the shelves that combines three of the 'in' things right now, that had both the girls eager to test when they arrived through our post box. Uni-verse surprise has a mixture of surprise reveal, slime and unicorn collectibles not to mention the fun emoji shaped cloud design. No wonder the girls were keen to see inside.

Inside each packet is a soft fluffy cloud which come in a variety of designs with an emoji on the front filled with your unicorn collectibles, the cloud itself contains the fun element of reveal and surprise with this toy. 

In order to find out which world your unicorn is from, and indeed which one you have, you first need to dissolve the cloud in a bowl of water.

Place your cloud in tepid water (emoji side up) and it will begin to dissolve, the first thing that will happen is the water will change colour according to which family your unicorn belongs (ours happened to go yellowy/orange for this one but the cloud colour does not necessarily represent the colour the water will go). From our four clouds we had three turn the water orange and one go blue.

The cloud material dissolves away leaving coloured water and a sticky slime, the slime isn't the kind you would play with so we suggest getting rid of it for the next part of the reveal.

Once the cloud has dissolved you are left with a clear packet containing four other packets with your unicorn surprises inside, rinse this off in clean water and then you are ready to see who you have got.

Each cloud pack contains 1 unicorn figure, 1 little friend, 2 accessories and a collector card and leaflet. The girls enjoyed the surprises of being able to open the different packets, finding out which unicorn they had got, which little friend and what the two accessories were, they then looked at the leaflet to find the unicorns family and where they lived which was easy as you just look at the section which is the same colour as your water went.

The collectors card is a fun little addition, with scratch off panels (you can use your unicorns hoof to do this) it tells your collectibles rarity value, what your unicorn likes, dislikes and what it eats too.

There are 40+ universe surprise figures to collect, the unicorns come in different shapes, sizes and themes, there are glow in the dark ones, scented ones, colour changing ones, ones with real hair and even water filled ones. Each unicorn friend, a toot or tear shaped friend, will hint at the world your unicorn is from, and the selection of accessories just add more fun, some are more common than others and they can all be mixed and matched, fit in the unicorns mouth or on their tail or horn. 

We were sent four packs to review and were lucky enough to receive three unicorns from the same world, Nummy Bay. Bun Appetit Becca who is shaped like a burger and smells like burger sauce complete with fries and a skateboard, Diggity Dee who had a clip on bow and a bottle of mustard and the cutest friend and Lotsa Mozza Ella complete with a chef's hat and a moustache!

Little 2's favourite though, because she loved the colours was Arcadey Sadie from Funtasy Land complete with a game pad and lunchbox and a blue teardrop friend.

Uni-verse surprise are available now, suitable for ages 5+ and retail around £9.99- Who will you get?

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