29 February 2020

It feels great to be eight- a change of tide

It has been a few weeks now since Little 2 turned eight years old, and there has been a big change in her. Her actual birthday was a school day so time for just a couple of presents before Daddy went to work, school as usual, then more presents after school and the grandparents and Uncle M came to tea, pizza at Little 2's request.

She had asked for a gymnastics cake and so I made one for her with lots of little icing gymnasts in her clubs colours with her name and age on it too. There were also cupcakes for her to take into school and to training, I made a lot of cake that week! She really loved the cupcakes and they went down a storm at training too. 

She had a bowling party with half a dozen friends and it was fab, there was music, dancing, bubbes, sweets and of course bowling too. One very happy little girl that day who had some really lovely presents from her friends.

But the main thing and the reason I wrote this post is there has been a big change in her since her birthday. It really is like she turned eight and changed. Little 2 has always been the most laid back of the Little Ones, nothing ever fazes her, she takes everything in her stride and she played a minor part in most of the sibling squabbles. Since her birthday though she is still the same laid back, last one out the door, kind of girl and always will be but she has suddenly grown up a bit and become much more vocal.

She used to avoid arguments with her siblings and be the first to walk away for peace, she has always been the first to share sweets from birthdays at school or relinquish control of the tv remote to please her brother and sister. Whilst she is still super kind and thoughtful, no longer is she the quiet one, she has begun to fight her corner and stand up more for herself and give her older sister, who has always been top dog, a run for her money. 

Unfortunately this means that at the moment the girls are often not best friends and I am doing a lot more refereeing than I was, however there has also been another shift which has been really lovely to see. Little's 2 and 3 have got much closer, they are spending hours playing together and watching their bond grow over the last few weeks has been lovely. Little 1 has taken this change pretty well, as Little 3 and her have always been very close, and the three of them have had some fantastic elaborate games in recent weeks. 

It can be strange when the dynamics in the house suddenly change and it literally happened overnight the day after Little 2 turned eight, I wonder what the next big change will be?

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