29 February 2020

It feels great to be eight- a change of tide

It has been a few weeks now since Little 2 turned eight years old, and there has been a big change in her. Her actual birthday was a school day so time for just a couple of presents before Daddy went to work, school as usual, then more presents after school and the grandparents and Uncle M came to tea, pizza at Little 2's request.

23 February 2020

Uni-verse surprise, the collectible with the fun reveal

There is a new collectible on the shelves that combines three of the 'in' things right now, that had both the girls eager to test when they arrived through our post box. Uni-verse surprise has a mixture of surprise reveal, slime and unicorn collectibles not to mention the fun emoji shaped cloud design. No wonder the girls were keen to see inside.

1 February 2020

Sweets for my sweet- personalised Valentines gifts from Swizzels

Isn't it lovely when someone does something a little bit different or does something that it makes you feel that they have made a little effort to find something personal, for you? Well, I am talking Valentine's gifts here and the lovely people at Swizzels have gifted us a selection of their fantastic NEW personalised goodies so we can have a bit of a treat and indulge a little this Valentines, as well as telling you about the new range of course.