5 December 2019

Little 2 has a bed makeover with a Fab Lab luxury tye dye kit

I recently wrote about fun Little 2 and I had with a Fab Labs bath bomb kit and mentioned that Little 1 had been sent a Fab Labs kit to review too.  Little 1 received a Tye Dye luxury kit and I had the most amazing idea of what to do with it, a bed makeover!

The Fab Labs tye dye luxury kit arrived containing (in recyclable packaging) 7 different plastic bottles each containing powdered dye, yellow, red, pink, purple, green, turquoise and dark blue, 50 elastic bands, 6 child sized latex-free gloves and instructions.

The kit states you can dye 3-4 items, Little 1 already has a tye dye t-shirt she did at Brownies and I couldn't get hold of any white denim shorts for her (which is what she fancied having a go at dyeing) as it was winter, so I put my thinking cap on and came up with a great idea.

Little 1's bedding needed a bit of a change so I thought how cool it would be to have tye dye bedding. I picked up a white cotton fitted sheet and set of two pillowcases and told her about my idea, she thought it was a fantastic idea so we set to work straight away.

You need to soak the items you are going to dye in luke warm water so while the sheets were soaking we got set up. Little 1 wore an apron and the gloves and I covered the table with a plastic sheet. All you need to do with the dye is fill the bottles with water and shake, if you fill the bottles to the top you will have paler colours than if you half fill them, then the colour would be bright and vibrant. We filled ours up as I thought the sheet would use lots of dye to colour.

We read the instruction booklet which offered some hints and tips and showed ways to achieve different patterns on your fabric. Little 1 wanted one pillowcase with bulls eye patterns and one like a striped so we added the elastic bands until we were ready to dye.

With strict instructions not to get any dye on her clothes or the carpet, I took a step back and let her get on with it. It is a good idea to have some paper towel to hand as I found I needed to mop up a few drips and wipe the plastic sheet a few times as the damp fabric left wet patches which might have run onto the table or carpet.

Little 1 went with a rainbow stripe on her first pillowcase which looked pretty effective, the bottles were easy to use and the caps were replaceable between uses in case anything got knocked over, the dye coated the fabric well and the colours looked great.

She went for a bit of a layering effect on the other pillowcase putting purple dye over blue, it looked pretty creative.

The sheet had a bit of everything, bullseye dots, a scrunch and swirl bit up one end and some random dye dotted around in between. A very colourful creation.

You can see here how much dye we had left after doing a single sheet and two pillow cases, we could have watered it down less and had a brighter finished result or even dyed a duvet cover to match which I would have bought had I known there would be so much left (dye has to be used within 45 minute of making it). It is good to know how much you can dye with this kit, definitely 3-4 items if you only half fill the dye bottles with water and even more if you want paler colours, great value I reckon.

The next thing to do is let the dye cure by wrapping the items in plastic and leaving somewhere for 4-8 hours, I used a bin bag and kept the items separate so that colour didn't transfer from one item to the other. Exactly 4 hours later we rinsed the items out in cold water in the bath as Little 1 couldn't possibly wait any longer. I then put them on a cold 30 min wash in the washing machine without detergent to wash the colour out properly as per the instructions.

As we had watered down our dye our final colours after rinsing were a lovely range of pastel shades, not to bright and perfect for bedding. You can see above the rainbow stripe pillowcase and purple/blue one. Little 1 couldn't wait to get them on her bed she loved it all so much.

Her current duvet covers are a little too busy to match this new theme so we plan to buy a plain bedding set in teal/turquoise or a girly blue to match (can you tell her favourite colours are mint and light blue) to go with it and you can see her pink throw matches perfectly. One very happy ten year old with her new looking bed and a fab idea for a gift if you are looking for that last Christmas pressie.

There are several other Fab Lab kits available to buy, glitter tattoos, nail art, face tattoos and of course the bath bomb kit we reviewed too. The girls recommend them.

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