14 November 2019

The best birthday ever- a dream upon a teepee sleepover

When I asked Little 1 what she wanted for her tenth birthday she didn't give me much to go on. 'Just clothes and a sleepover', she said. I knew then what I wanted to do for her. I had seen on social media adverts popping up for teepee sleepovers, they looked so cool and pretty, perfect for a ten year old's birthday.

After seeing a company not too far away from me, based in Cheltenham, pop up in my instagram feed, I contacted the lovely Cheryl at Dream Upon A Teepee and I am so glad that I did. Cheryl currently has 4 different themed teepee sleepover styles, mermaid, unicorn, army and the newest one, rose gold.

I decided I was going to keep the teepee sleepover a birthday surprise and although Little 1 knew she was having a sleepover and chose the food and guest list, little did she know what would be awaiting them on the night.

Little 1 likes blue at the moment so I decided on the mermaid theme for her, and knowing that sometimes little sisters can be a right pain when it comes to getting in the way at parties, I told Little 2 she could invite a friend and they could sleep in the other room. It had to be the unicorn theme for them seeing as Little 2 is unicorn mad.

Cheryl was easy to contact through her Dream Upon A Teepee Facebook page and she is on instagram too, she was great at answering my questions, such as how much space was required, and really friendly too. On the day of the sleepover Cheryl turned up at our arranged time with the Little Ones safely out the way to set up the surprise.

To say these teepees are beautiful is an understatement, the pictures really don't do the teepees justice, as I watched it all come together I couldn't help but smile knowing Little 1 was in for such a treat, I couldn't wait for her to get home and see her reaction.

The mermaid teepees are a mixture of teal and mint greens with purple and blue hues and soft grey and silver too, add in the fairy lights, themed bunting and baby pink dream catchers and they are truly gorgeous, I almost wished I was sleeping in one myself. A mermaid tail blanket, little tray, glow in the dark torch and battery operated tealight lantern and the scene was set, I couldn't wait for the girls to get home.

I thought the mermaid teepees were going to be my favourite but the baby pinks and pale purples of the unicorn teepees along with the simplicity of the whites and fairy lights and the most gorgeous of geometric and unicorn cushions gave this set up a kind of natural beauty which stole my heart, they were utterly beautiful.

Each teepee set up costs just £20 and comprises of :- 
Air bed
Pillow and duvet
Dream Catcher
Fairy lights
Led fairy light and lantern
....all in your chosen theme. As well as a personalised light board for the special person.

Everything was set up and the daylight was fading which meant the fairy lights were beginning to look good, the girls were on their way home and I couldn't wait to see what Little 1 had to say about her birthday surprise.

When she walked through the door she was gobsmacked, she just said, 'Cool' over and over again with her mouth wide open as she took it all in, 'It is beautiful, I love it, and wow' also escaped her lips before she gave me the biggest hug ever.

Little 2 loved the unicorn teepees and had her bed picked out requesting to get into her pyjamas just moments after arriving home. Little 1 couldn't wait for her friends to arrive to show them where they would be sleeping, commenting it was the best birthday ever!

The girls friends were just as amazed by the teepees as mine, each picking their bed and eagerly putting on their pyjamas and mermaid tails while they played games and chatted. Soon it was time to settle them all down and with beds as stunning as these there were no problems getting the girls into them, stopping them talking and the art of actually getting them to fall asleep may have taken a while longer though!

The younger two especially loved their unicorn teepees, arranging their pillows until they were perfect. They were both in bed way before the other girls and cuddled up with teddies chatting and looking pretty cute, I couldn't resist some photos.

As well as the beautiful teepees, Cheryl also offers extras you can choose to make your sleepover even more special, there is a sweet stall with jars of sweets, scoops, tongs and paper bags.

Or how about a midnight feast, served in a hamper to your requirements. A sure way to add excitement and that extra element of fun into your sleepover.

Cheryl will even sort pamper party bags for your party guests, cute organza bags with a fluffy eye mask, nail varnish, lip gloss and sweets to match your theme, she really has thought of everything so make your teepee sleepover run smoothly. 

She even left this little 'just in case' bag for me on the night containing fresh batteries for the fairy lights, new led tealights and a puncture repair kit if the worst should happen to the air beds. What a great idea.

All the girls absolutely loved the teepees, after her friends had gone in the morning Little 1 hugged me and said, 'That was the best birthday ever, thanks Mum'. I was so glad that they made Little 1 feel special and that she had loved them, she works so hard at school and gymnastics that I had wanted to do something amazing for her and it had paid off.

Cheryl kindly offered us a discount in return for this blog post but you have to believe me when I say the service was fantastic and the stunning teepee set ups were so much better than the pictures show. Little 2 has asked for a teepee sleepover for her birthday next year, I will definitely be ringing Dream upon a teepee again. 

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