3 November 2019

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Glitter Salon playset review

Hatchimals, you have just got to love them, the girls have been collecting these little animal collectibles for several years now. If you are not familiar with Hatchimals they come in a little egg with a heart on, just rub the heart and break open the egg to reveal your character, collect them, swap them and try to hatch them all. 

The girls love to see what each new series will bring and they both agree they just keep getting better. We were sent some of Series 6 the Royal Snow Ball Hatchimals and the New glitter salon playset to review.

Little 1 is the biggest Hatchimals fan in our house, she has quite a few of them, they are always on her birthday and Christmas list, when the Royal Snow Ball Hatchimals arrived she was really excited to read that they came with accessories and see the new egg designs, we had one with crowns all over it.

Little 2 was thrilled to see the Glitter Salon Playset, she just loves glitter and combined with Hatchimals she couldn't wait to get stuck in. The Glitter Salon playset contains:- a hatched hatchimal figure, a surprise hatchimal in an egg, 2 colours of glitter, a mini bottle of glue, a mini brush, stickers, the playset itself and hatchimal accessories- hair, mini hair brush, a crown, bow, 2 x necklaces and instructions. 

I loved the fact it was simple to open, just 3 plastic clips and a piece of string to free the set and two bits of tape to free the accessories, no spending ages trying to get into the toy( a bonus for Christmas morning).

The girls wanted to hatch their Hatchimals first, rubbing the heart on the egg until it changed colour and excitedly looking to see what was inside.

This series comes with accessories, we hatched two ice skaters that each had a stand and tutu, an elephant with a bobble hat, and a snail with a crown from our Royal Snow Ball 4 pack.

Our other two Hatchimals were exclusives from the Glitter Salon Set. The Little bear with the snow ball is so cute, he is my favourite.

There was lots of excitement at the prospect of glitterizing the hatchimals and a little 'fear of a glitter storm' from me as the playset was set up. The playset has two seats for the hatchimals to sit on with a little peg which fits nicely in the hole in the base of the Hatchimal (holes are in the bases of the last couple of seasons Hatchimals so you can use these with the play set too) and a desk which acts as storage for all the little accessories and the roll of stickers too.

To glitterize your hatchimals all you need to do is remove the accessories from your Hatchimal, glue the area on which you want the glitter to stick and wait one minute for the glue to get tacky. 

While you wait, twist the lid off the glitterizer and pour half a sachet of glitter into the main compartment....

...then sit your Hatchimal in the glitterizer, securing the lid and quickly press the button on the front 10-15 times to make the glitter swirl and stick to the glue.

Once finished carefully remove the Hatchimal and wait a few minutes for the glue to dry (I found ours needed a good 15 minutes) before brushing away the excess with the little brush included. And there you have it a sparkly hatchimal ready to play.

We were able to glitterize 4 Hatchimals before needing to refill the glitterizer again and I needn't have been worried at all as there was hardly any glitter mess, everything was contained in the glitterizer and I put the hatchimals on a plate to brush them off which stopped the glitter spreading.

Cleaning the glitterizer was simple, pop it out from the set and tip the glitter out onto a piece of paper to pour it back into the glitter bags then I wiped it out with a damp piece of kitchen roll to remove the excess glitter.

The girls loves decorating their Hatchimals and did a few from a previous season too, once dry the glitter seems pretty robust and after a day of play the glitter hasn't come off at all.

The girls both said they really like the addition of the accessories this season, they have spent lots of time with the play set, dressing and accessorising their Hatchimals and even after the glitter had run out they used the glitteriser like a dressing/transformation room whilst secretly adding glitter to my shopping list. It is a thumbs up from these two.

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