28 November 2019

Fab labs fun- Little 2 makes bath bombs

'Can we make bath bombs?' has been a saying I have heard over and over in the last few months. Both my girls are crazy about the things at the moment and after making them at parties and having received them as gifts they have been desperate to make some at home. They were both thrilled when we were sent some Fab Labs craft kits to review in the run up to Christmas and one of them was Bath Bombs. The other was a luxury home tye dye kit that Little 1 used for a fab bed makeover.

26 November 2019

Peppermint- The magnificent Mars expedition- STEM kit review

Little 1 has a large interest in science, especially Physics, which probably runs in the family as I enjoyed Physics at school and even did an A-level in it. She often asks how things work and why they work the way that they do which leads us to have lengthy conversations about all sorts. She was recently offered the chance to review a new story based STEM adventure kit featuring Magnetism from the Thames and Kosmos Peppermint range- The Magnificent Mars Expedition RRP £25.

14 November 2019

The best birthday ever- a dream upon a teepee sleepover

When I asked Little 1 what she wanted for her tenth birthday she didn't give me much to go on. 'Just clothes and a sleepover', she said. I knew then what I wanted to do for her. I had seen on social media adverts popping up for teepee sleepovers, they looked so cool and pretty, perfect for a ten year old's birthday.

3 November 2019

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Glitter Salon playset review

Hatchimals, you have just got to love them, the girls have been collecting these little animal collectibles for several years now. If you are not familiar with Hatchimals they come in a little egg with a heart on, just rub the heart and break open the egg to reveal your character, collect them, swap them and try to hatch them all.