7 October 2019

Little 1 makes the squad- she is flippin' awesome

They say that things happen in threes and it seems that when it comes to gymnastics this saying has proved right. You might remember back in August I wrote about Little 2 and how she was flying high- literally (in case you didn't, you can read it here). Well in the last few weeks there has been more fabulous gymnastics news and if you follow us over on instagram then you will know what I am about to tell you.

Little 1 has been going to gymnastics for 18 months now, she started pretty late really as she was already 8 and a half when she took her first class but she, like her sister, has done well and managed to achieve three medals this year so far in club competitions.

At the end of June she competed with her recreational colour class in a short bench routine and floor routine for the annual club friendly competition. She did really well in her floor routine and managed to pull off a good bench routine despite a wobbly bench and earnt herself a gold medal in each category in her age group. It was over 30 degrees outside that day and the sun was streaming in through the gym, we are all very hot and uncomfortable but all the gymnasts performed well and especially so because of the heat.

The following week it was the turn of the club friendly Tumbling Competition. Little 1 trains in both acrobatic gymnastics and Tumbling (Little 2 only does Acro), she enjoys both but tumbling is her favourite and she can't wait until she can do some of the things that she sees the more experienced gymnasts doing during training.

Little 1 performed well but a foot adjustment on landing cost her marks and she came in silver position in her level and age group. She was super pleased with this though as it was her first silver medal, the only colour she hadn't yet got. 

A few months have passed since then and along came the second bit of good news on the gym front. Little 1 was offered a place in the club Development Squad from September. She was really happy as she has been working on the required moves to get into this squad for a few months and finally managed to learn them and gain her place. In order to learn one move combination, the drop back to bridge and kick over, she had to battle with her self-confidence, she was really worried about going backwards and landing on her head which held her back for a while but in the end she went for it and so achieving the move and her place in the squad was a big thing for her. Well done Little 1.

Then fast forward a few weeks, Little 1 has settled into the squad and begun learning a routine for the club Christmas show, she is now training 4 and a half hours a week and loving it. The weekend before last she also made her third big gymnastics achievement and managed to do another move, that she has been working towards for nearly a year, a backwards flic.

Over the Summer Little 1 attended tumbling camp every week and learnt to do front somersaults and front fly springs really well but she couldn't quite get the nerve to do a backwards one unaided. She has been working on this move for almost a year since she joined Junior tumbling and has been able to do it with very little support for many months but she just couldn't get past an invisible wall when either us or the coaches took away our hands and asked her to try and do it alone, throwing yourself upside down backwards is pretty scary after all. Then the little push she needed happened, a friend in her tumbling group did her first unaided flic and spurred Little 1 on to try too, a few days after her friend, at home on the trampoline, she had a go and the fist pump in the air, the grin that spread from ear to ear and the shout of, 'I did it, I can flic by myself', brought a lump to my throat. She was ecstatic and so happy and has not stopped since, she must have done 200 of them the first weekend she learnt.

Now she believes in herself there has been no stopping her, most evenings after school or training she has been out on the trampoline practicing and now that barrier has gone she is getting much better and more confident, a week later from her first flic and she can now also do a back tuck and has pulled off a few back whips too, neither of which she has done in training yet! I have told her to go steady and stick to what she has been taught but she is desperate to learn more so watch this space.

Little 1 has been practicing on the trampoline at home and her gym mats in the living room but the next skill she needs to master to go forward in tumbling is the round off flic, to do this she needs a long cushioned surface like an air track, a bit different to gym mats these are inflatable tracks around 10 foot long with more cushioning and bounce like the tumbling tracks they use in the gym . Guess what she will be getting for Christmas!

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