20 October 2019

Juno, my baby elephant- you can't help but love her

Look into those eyes, have you ever seen such an adorable looking elephant, meet Juno. The baby blues looking up at you are just the tip of what this cutie has to offer and I can guarantee a few minutes of play with her and your children (and you) will fall in love with her just like we have. Everyone wants a baby elephant and Juno most definitely has the ahh factor.

From Wildluvs by Spinmaster comes Juno, my baby elephant, the touch sensitive, interactive toy, standing at 27cm tall this is the little elephant with the BIG personality- she has over 150 lifelike sounds, movements and motions and her animated trunk, floppy moving ears, expressive eyes, moving legs and a wagging tail will quickly enchant the whole family.

When Juno first arrives in your home (and after you have inserted 4 x AA batteries) she is likely to feel a little shy and hides behind her ears but a little stroke of her trunk and gentle coaxing will see her playing peekaboo and opening up ready to play.

Shy Juno
Juno is incredibly interactive and has a touch sensitive trunk, forehead and cheeks each making her do different things. The more you interact and play with her the more you grow to love her as her fun personality unfolds, once she feels comfortable she will giggle, interact and swing her trunk around, flap her ears, sing and trumpet.

She comes with two accessories, a cute mouse and a peanut that help you to train her and play with her. As the Little Ones have played with her she has learnt all sorts of things, revealing more sounds, movements and tricks. 

Just attach the accessories onto the end of Juno's trunk and press the button on her back to enter the different modes and enjoy the fun.

trunk attachment

TRAINING MODE (while holding the peanut) Juno will do a fanfare whilst waving her trunk, bow and dance, she will learn to eat the peanut and if she is feeling cheeky she will throw her peanut which always sets the Little ones off in fits of giggles.

Standby for peanut flinging!
GAMES MODE (whilst holding mouse) Juno will play peepo, sing or help you build a tune buy stroking different parts of her face then sing it back to you.

If you press Juno's back button twice while she isn't holding anything she will play a tune and dance, the Little Ones also tell me her ears light up but I have yet to see that for myself!

At the end of the day Juno loves a cuddle and a kiss, just bend her back legs into a sitting position and pet her trunk, she will curl her trunk to give you a cuddle while wagging her tail and if you are lucky she will also give you a kiss.

Juno is only a baby elephant and can get tired after lots of play, I noticed one time she wasn't very responsive to her accessories and kept sighing and snoring with her eyes half closed, it turned out her batteries were low. As soon as I put new ones in she woke right up again, I thought that was quite a nice touch.

All three Little Ones (even 10 year old Little 1, but she won't admit it) love playing with Juno but their favourite part is when she throws her peanut, this has everyone in fits of giggles, oh and when she sings and dances the children can not help but join in.

Juno is suitable for ages 5+ and retails for an RRP of £79.99 and the box contains 1 baby elephant, 1 mouse, 1 peanut, a care guide, progress report card and instructions. Juno is 40cm x 21cm x 31cm and requires 4 AA batteries which are not included. We received our very own Juno for the purposes of this review.

I couldn't end without showing you this super cute video I happened to catch, it wasn't intended for the blog and was just a moment in Little 3's play hence why the lighting is bad. It was completely unplanned but it shows just how much he loves his Juno, the baby elephant. 

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