31 August 2019

Scruff a Luvs families- Little 2 adopts a family

We have recently adopted two gorgeous white kittens into our family, they came from a rescue centre and needed a new home, someone who would look after them and a family to love them. Imagine my surprise just a few days later when Little 2 was offered her very own toy family to love and care for, a lost Mummy looking for a safe and loving home for her and her babies. And with a donation of the proceeds from each product sold going to the RSPCA to help real animals like ours find their forever homes we were happy to invite them into our home.

Our adopted kittens

Little 2 was super excited to receive her Scruff a Luvs family, they arrived in a box that looked like a basket and inside are 10 surprises, will her Scruff a Luv be a dog or a cat and how many babies does she have, is it twins or rare triplets? 

The thing about Scruff a Luvs is that your pet needs a good wash, after all she has been abandoned with no home, it won't be until she is washed that you will see which pet you have and how many babies, this element of suspense really does add to the fun element of the toy.

Little 2 opened her box to reveal a tight fluffy pink ball (the toy) and 7 numbered cardboard compartments all waiting to be revealed and adding to the enjoyment of finding out what she had received.

The first thing she wanted to do was wash her pet, she was really looking forward to this bit. We did it in the sink but you could do it anywhere, all you need is water and a little soap if you fancy.

As soon as the pet got wet it began to swell up and unravel, there is a coating on the toy that helps it stick in the ball shape so it needed a good wash to free up all the fluffy fur. We could quickly see that her Scruff a luv was a dog with sparkly ears and glittery fur.

Little 2 was thrilled to find triplets tucked up with the Mummy dog, they have different colour fur and eyes and a heart on their tummy, touch the heart with a warm hand and it changes colour, pink for a girl and blue for a boy. We had two boys and a girl. 

Then it was time to dry her pets, a good squeeze and thorough towel dry helped a lot but she wanted to play with her pet and not wait for it to fully dry out so we popped them in the washing machine on a quick spin cycle. (I love the fact that these toys are machine washable on 30 degrees, it doesn't matter how much they are played with I know I can give then a proper clean, that is a bonus in my book.)

A final blast with the hairdryer and Scruffy, as she was named, was dry. A gentle all over groom finished freeing up the glittery fur and made her fluffy.

Little 2 was keen to see what else was in the box in the cardboard numbered compartments. a brush, a locket and collar, stickers, a birth certificate with peel to reveal birth date, 2 outfits for the puppies and a surprise flavour milk bottle, we got banana. 

She was pleased and straight away set to work accessorising scruffy and the pups. Both the collar and the outfits were really easy to put on and she set to work pretending to care for the puppies.

We kept the packaging as it looked like a basket, Little 2 has been using the compartments to store the accessories and the side where the balled toy was as a bed for them all to sleep in. Our Scruff a Luvs family has found a loving home and all four of them are in good hands with Little 2 and her caring nature. 

Scruff-a-Luvs are suitable for children age 3+ and retail for RRP £29.99, they are available from Smyths, Argos, The Entertainer, Amazon, Very and other good retailers.

Remember, for every Scruff a Luv adopted, part of the proceeds will be donated to the RSPCA to help real animals find their 'furever' home.

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