23 August 2019

Little 3 gets set for Reception

As I sit here writing this I can not really believe the time has come for Little 3 to go to school, he is almost four and a half yet it hardly seems a minute since he was born but here we are. We have been busy getting everything ready that he needs for school this week and I have suddenly begun to realise this is it, my last child is going to school and I am not entirely sure how I feel about it.

Little 3 has been my side kick, I went back to work part time when he was 2 and since then we have had the afternoons together, run errands, done the chores, played hours and hours of trains and watched every episode of Paw Patrol at least twice. I am going to miss his company, it will be quiet here in the afternoons without my little boy to chat to and tell me about pre-school but at the same time I am looking forward to some well deserved down time too.

There was a whole host of things he needed for Reception, school uniform, PE kit, rucksack, school shoes, wellies, drink bottle, oh and a new waterproof coat.

With three children I have bought quite a bit of school uniform over the last 5 years and so it was off to the supermarket for the basics. I know for sure that Little 3 is going to need a large pile of t-shirts, he loves his outdoor play and painting too, plus he has an annoying habit of wiping his face on his shoulder when he is eating to keep it clean so I can guarantee that by the end of the first week there will be gravy and orange stains to contend with on them too.

He likes to feel cool so I bought shorts and trousers not knowing what the weather will be like in September but I did size up in the shorts so that they will fit him longer. Add to that the socks and it was off to the uniform shop for the official bits.

At the school shop he was quite excited seeing all the things with the school logo on and asked what we needed to pick out, a school jumper, a hoodie, a bookbag and the school issue shiny PE shorts and we had all the uniform we needed.

Then it was off to Clarks to buy his school shoes, Little 3 has wide feet just like his big sister and I knew I could find what I needed in our local store. We were welcomed by a friendly shop assistant who talked to him while he stood on the measuring device, she asked him to pick his favourite colour on the ipad and then if he could write how old he was in the pink he had chosen. Little 3 came out as a H+ width but knowing he was catered for we went to look at the shoes on the shelves.

What I love about Clarks school shoes is the variety of styles available, all three children have different shaped feet, one wide, one slim and one wide with a high instep and I never fail to find something that fits. On seeing that he had super wide feet the shop assistant suggested going up half a size to gain extra width and showed us a few of the wider shaped styles.

These shoes caught my eye, I had specifically wanted some with rubber on the front, as the saying goes boys will be boys and Little 3 is no exception. I know he will be dragging his toes as he rides the school balance bikes and will be right in the middle of that game of football, his shoes need to last and these look just like they fit the bill. He tried on a couple of sizes and then the shop assistant checked the shoes to see if they fitted well, being a wide style he didn't even need to go up half a size so I was pleased. Wide, robust looking shoes fitted with four year old friendly velcro and aeroplane details, he loves them.

Then it was time for PE shoes or daps as we call them. I found a couple of sizes and we tried them on for fit, the daps only come in an F (standard) or a G (wide) fitting so I wasn't sure if we were going to get a good fit but after playing around with a couple of G width ones in different sizes we found some that were suitable, they were actually the same size as his school shoes in the end too, brilliant.

All shopped out we headed home where Little 3 wanted to try everything on. He proudly got out his uniform and put it all on without much difficulty. He looked down at his new school shoes and smiled, 'I like these rubber bits', he said 'I won't break my shoes' as he ran full pelt around the living room testing them out. He found his daps easy to put on too, the velcro across the top means it is much easier for him to get his foot in and to take them off after a PE class when his feet are warm and sweaty too.

I encouraged him to take his uniform off and try on his PE kit and then to take that off and put it away in his PE bag. Being a Teaching Assistant myself I know that little things like this can make the transition to school and indeed the job of the teaching assistant much easier as at least Little 3 will know what to do when it comes to PE. He loved trying on his clothes beaming from ear to ear, he was so proud of hs uniform.

Little 3 already had a rucksack and lunch box that we had last year for pre school which still look like new so he just needed a new drink bottle (he picked out a dinosaur one), a raincoat and some wellies for forest school which I bought online. 

As I packed his wellies and PE kit into his rucksack today and hung his bookbag on the hook in the hall ready for his first day in a week or so I did feel a little sad that Little 3 is going to school, he is my youngest child and we have quite a bond, I am going to miss him. But he is so ready to go, desperate to learn to read and boy he is going to have lots of fun.

N.B This was a collaborative post


  1. Oh my goodness! I remember reading about Little 3 when you were pregnant with him. Time sure does fly! I can't believe he is ready to start school already! It sounds like you have everything he needs. I hope he has a great start to school x

    1. Thank You, he settled straight in and has taken to read really well.

  2. I can’t believe your little man is off to school already. It’s crazy how quickly time goes xx


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