31 July 2019

Cake to your front door- Sponge.co.uk

Hands up if you like cake, particularly giant homemade tasty sponge with deep buttercream filling or your own little, perfect with your morning cuppa, individual cake boxed especially for you. Would you like it even more if you knew it could be delivered to your door?

Well Sponge.co.uk does just that. Hand made in a bakery in Holt, Norfolk, Sponge sell delightful cakes and offer next day cake delivery anywhere in the UK. Using a range of local quality ingredients they create and bake on the premises an increasing range of cake flavours. We were asked if we would like to try one of their cakes for review and not being one to turn down a slice of cake I said, 'Yes'.

There were 14 different flavour cakes on the Sponge website to choose from, as well as gluten-free and vegan choices. It was a tough choice between, the sticky toffee, the bakewell, the apple crumble cake and the traditional Victoria sponge but in the end, with the help from the Little Ones, I opted for the Chocolate orange cake.

Chocolate and natural orange flavours swirled together to create a delicious marbled moist chocolate orange sponge, filled with decadent chocolate, natural orange oil and british butter buttercream drizzled with three different kinds of chocolate, it sounded delicious.

The cake arrived well packaged in a secure box via courier on a 30 degree day, after being in the back of a hot delivery van I was a little concerned whether it might not have survived the journey but it was in perfect condition, plastic wrapped with a Sponge brand cardboard outer in a secure box alongside a card and napkins. Our cake was 17cm across and a good 8cm tall marketed to be 8 generous servings. It looked so tasty that Little 3 couldn't wait to get stuck in.

The cake itself smelt lovely with that homemade kind of smell and a hint of chocolate and orange, yum. It was moist, light and fluffy and not at all heavy, the marbling of the chocolate and vanilla could be seen throughout the cake and there was plenty of the three kinds of drizzled chocolate over the top of the cake.

The buttercream inside was smooth and plentiful but not too sickly, I could taste the orange flavour, it was delicious. The children cleaned their plates which meant it must be good.

The cake was marketed at 8 generous servings but we felt it would easily serve 10 due to the height, all five of us had a slice for pudding one night and again at coffee time the next morning plus there was a decent slice left over for Daddy's lunch box too. This meant it was great value for money, large cakes start at £13.50 at Sponge.

As well as the 8 serving cake size there is a larger 16 serving size cake you can choose alongside individual boxed baby sponges, wedding cakes and the option to design your own. Sponge.co.uk also do a cake card with a slice of cake and a card to send to someone special or sharing cakes with an option to combine a choice of different flavour slices in one cake or how about a platter for an event at work. Yum, anyone for cake?

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  1. Oh yum! That does look very tasty!
    What a great idea getting cake delivered to your door x


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