20 June 2019

When you go down to the bay today, Lansallos, Looe, Cornwall

We like to do a little bit of exploring and walking when we are on holiday, some days we take to a local map and look for somewhere off the beaten track, this was one of those days. It had been a wet morning and having looked at places along the coast we spotted a couple of National Trust car parks so we headed off to see what we would find.


We parked at the top of Lansallos Bay, just out from Looe, we were pleased to see there was a walk down to the beach about a mile long, perfect, and best of all there was a play trail for the Little Ones.

As we meandered our way along the path down to the beach the Little Ones delighted in walking along logs, see saws, stepping stones and other wooden delights, they were a little slippy from the rain but it certainly made the walk down to the beach fun, muddy bottom anyone! 

As we got closer to the beach we had to walk through a stone tunnel all smooth from years of waves and then suddenly we were on the beach. The Little Ones got straight to throwing stones in the water, one of their favourite pastimes.

What was supposed to be a quick afternoon stroll to the beach ended up being several hours long, the Little Ones started building a dam in a stream that ran down to the sea. It was great to see the girls getting along and working as a team enjoying themselves and having simple fun while Little 3 spent time looking for pretty shells and the longest piece of seaweed he could find.

I went for a little walk around a mini headland and came across this gorgeous waterfall with the clearest water running down to the sea, soon the dam building had moved and turned up a notch, the Little Ones were moving boulders and working together to stem the flow of water with whatever they could find. 

In between dam building Little 2, who wasn't quite as into it as the other two, kept disappearing for a few moments, she would then appear half way up the rocks or having scaled a grassy bank and be there sitting with her legs dangling over a ledge, like a monkey that one, I have to have eyes in the back of my head!

There was a little gymnastics on the beach too, she just can't stop doing gym wherever we are! 

After spending several hours on the beach building the dams and having avoided getting soggy trainers, we eventually decided that it was time to leave and managed to tear the children away. We took a different route back up to the path and spotted a whole load of beetles just milling about on the grass, I have never seen so many in one place.

What was supposed to be a quick trip out for some fresh air after a morning hiding in our chalet from the rain ended up being a lovely afternoon of family time spent together, I love days like that.

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