29 April 2019

Children are expensive little things

Is it me or are children really rather expensive things, despite their size (in the early years anyway) they really are rather costly. Even right from the start with a cot, car seat and pram they can require a hefty outlay and it doesn't really stop there. They eat and grow, need uniforms and money for all sorts, then they get bigger and the costs begin to rise.

20 April 2019

A smashing Easter egg hunt with a difference

Sometimes I think the Little ones get too much chocolate at Easter (too much chocolate, who ever heard of such a thing!), an egg from school, a friend, the grandparents and a local egg hunt near us and of course a couple of little bits from the Easter bunny on the day itself. While we don't go overboard with chocolate sometimes I think something a little different would go down just as well.

6 April 2019

A dude, a diva and the school disco

Last week Littles 2 and 3 went to a disco at school. Ever since we got the disco letter Little 3 had been counting sleeps until the disco and practicing his moves, there had been hip swaying, the bobbing up and down foot shuffle and some sort of break dancing going on here as well as repeatedly taking a run up and sliding across the carpet on his knees which had me shouting 'Don't do that, you will ruin your trousers'.