3 March 2019

My fairy kitchen garden- Little 2 grows pea shoots

Just look at that smile, Little 2 loves anything and everything to do with the magical world of fairies and imagination. She had seen a tv advert for a My Fairy Kitchen Garden and was thrilled when we were asked to review one, she couldn't wait to get stuck in.

Inside the box you receive a trough planter and some cute picket fencing with a gate at one end, a plastic fairy house with opening door and removable roof, instructions, pea seeds and Fenn the fairy.  

Little 2 got started straight away and started building the fence with no input from me, she had worked it out and clipped it all in place by the time I had read the planting instructions so it is obviously easy to assemble.

Fenn the fairy is a little different from the usual Fairy Garden fairy, she has hinged legs. She can sit on the garden or in the house with them tucked up behind her or you can bend them out so that she can balance on the fence with the help of her hands. Little 2 loves this, she has been moving her around the garden all week.

The one thing that does not come in the kits is the compost, luckily Daddy had a bag hiding in the garden so we were ok. The kitchen garden comes with dried peas to plant, these peas need to be soaked in water for 6-24 hours before planting so Little 2 was happy to leave her peas soaking to wait for Daddy to get home from work and find the compost. After the allotted time, and with compost in the trough, she was able to plant her seeds before she went to bed.

The thing I really love about this kit is the speed at which the peas grow, there were already roots less that 24 hours after planting and 48 hours after that they looked like this. Little 2 was so happy that they were growing quickly.

Only 10 days after planting, with a sunny window sill and watering, our pea shoots looked like this, we probably should have picked then a little earlier as the stalks were very long but we had wanted to wait until the weekend.

We tried the shoots on their own and I thought they tasted like mange tout, the girls thought they were ok but Little 3 didn't like his. Little 2 wanted to try them in a sandwich and I was happy to oblige. She didn't eat them all but loved the fact that she had grown adn eaten her own peas.

The peas in the kit, with proper care, should shoot a few times after you take the tops off ready for eating and due to the spacing required for the peas to grow, and the fact that the fairy house takes up a third of the garden space, you can get about three lots of planting from the included seeds meaning several months of tasty pea shoots.

Such a simple kit with easy to grow seeds and priced at £12 we think it would make a good addition to a sunny window sill this summer for a little fairy lover like mine.

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  1. Aaawww gorgeous. My girls would love this especially daisy x


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