25 February 2019

Pretty pixels eraser maker review

When I was a child I used to collect keyrings, I bought them from places we went or chose ones that had funny characters or that did novel things. My favourite was a mini thermometer that actually worked. I spent my pocket money on them but they were far too special to use and lived in a box under my bed. Little 1 is a bit of a hoarder and collects lots of things especially erasers, she has a box so full you can no longer keep the lid on.

When we were asked if we would like to review the Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker by Bandai,  I said 'Yes' straight away knowing Little 1 would love to make her own erasers to add to her growing collection.

We were sent the deluxe kit to try out which contains enough pixel parts to make up to 16 medium size erasers. Inside the box is a large storage tray which contains all the components you need to make your own super cool erasers and acts as a great place to store all the bits too.

Inside the deluxe kit you receive a set of medium eraser design templates including a blank one and a blank large size one for you to use to design your own erasers. You also receive a comprehensive set of instructions, a set of coloured rubber pixels moulded in rows in lots of pretty colours and the mould itself which comes with a set of dividers so you can make 4 mini erasers as well as medium or large ones and a pair of tweezers.

I love how easily this kit works using the microwave to melt the pixels together, no faffy ironing needed. You simply choose the template you want to use or design your own eraser, insert the template into the eraser maker and use the catch as a stand.

Find the coloured pixels you need (It handily tells you on the template how many you need in each colour) and carefully tear each single pixel off the strip, then, either using your fingers or the tweezers provided, carefully place them in the mould starting in the V at the bottom and build up in rows.

For parts where there are not coloured pixels, clear pixels are provided to fill in the gaps and ensure everything stays in the shape you want it to be. These clear pixels do not melt like the others and can be reused again and again.

Once your design is finished it is time to clip on the plastic parts to hold the pixels in place while microwaving, if making a medium size eraser you need the inner and outer part, if making a large one you only need the outer part.

Then it is off to the kitchen, using the table in the instructions to work out how long to microwave the eraser for. You need to put 1/2 teaspoon if water on the pixels before you clip it together and pop it in the microwave for the designated time then put it in a bowl of cold water to cool and seal everything together.

After that it is simply a case of opening it up taking off the plastic parts and carefully peeling the eraser from the mould and if you used the clear pixels, removing them from the design. I was amazed at how the erasers turned out, they look great.

The kit is easy to use and the templates are easy to follow, it can be a bit fiddly lining up all the pixels in the mould, Little 1 found it easier to use her fingers as she tended to knock other pixels when using the tweezers and then had to readjust things but we soon got used to being careful and steady because of this. The kit is suitable for age 8+ and I would agree due to this and the use of the microwave.

Look how lovely the erasers turned out, we have made about 10 so far, Little 2 has had a go and so have a couple of school friends who took home their creations and all of them loved it. I think it is great that it is something that Little 1 can do alone and makes no mess whatsoever, you just need to dry the clear pixels and mould before doing again.

Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker comes in three different size kits, The Mini Pack which can make up to 8 small erasers (RRP £9.99), Starter Pack which makes up to 4 medium erasers and 6 small (RRP £16.99) and the Deluxe kit which can make 16 medium erasers or 4 large and 6 medium (RRP £24.99) there are various styles including fashion, sweets, fairy, cool, animals and fruits kits which are available at Smyths and other retailers. I have already bought a few for birthday gifts.


  1. Poppy would love this and probably Rosie too. Lots of fun x

  2. Poppy would love this and probably Rosie too. Lots of fun x


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