25 February 2019

Pretty pixels eraser maker review

When I was a child I used to collect keyrings, I bought them from places we went or chose ones that had funny characters or that did novel things. My favourite was a mini thermometer that actually worked. I spent my pocket money on them but they were far too special to use and lived in a box under my bed. Little 1 is a bit of a hoarder and collects lots of things especially erasers, she has a box so full you can no longer keep the lid on.

21 February 2019

Dear Earthling- Letters from an alien and an interview with the author, Pen Avey

With three children in the house and all big reading fans we have quite a vast library of books when it comes to choosing what to read. Little 2 tends to favour books about fairies, princesses and happy endings while her bigger sister is into magic, adventure and funny stories. We were recently sent a new book to read, different to our normal kind of book, Dear Earthling: Cosmic correspondent...

14 February 2019

A very unicorn birthday

When I asked Little 2 a few weeks ago what she wanted for her 7th birthday she had replied 'A unicorn', not a toy or ornament but a real live unicorn. We had had the same conversation at Christmas when I informed her that we could not get her a unicorn as they simply weren't real nor did we have the space in the garden, but I did have a few unicorn themed birthday surprises that I knew she would love and hoped would make her birthday a happy one.

9 February 2019

Little 2 loves a New Ravensburger Spirit jigsaw puzzle

Everyone loves to sit down with a good jigsaw puzzle and the Little Ones are no exception, we have all sorts in our house ranging from simple 2 piece ones Little 3 enjoys to great big adult ones that take weeks to complete. Little 2 was recently sent this new puzzle from Ravensburger depicting the hit Netflix show, Spirit - so what did we think?

2 February 2019

Coming home to roost

One thing we like to do at weekends is get out and about, sometimes it might only be a walk to the park, a roller skate around the block or a bike ride to Nanny's but other days we venture a little out of the immediate neighbourhood and visit the local hills, a National Trust place or Slimbridge Wetlands Trust. Wherever we go we always feel better for it, the Little Ones love the outdoors and as long as we are wrapped up warm with snacks and a flask of hot chocolate to warm us up everyone is happy (usually!).