5 January 2019

A very family Christmas

We were a bit quiet on the blog over Christmas and New Year as I had a break from blogging to spend lots of time with the Little Ones and my husband as we were lucky that we all had two weeks or thereabouts off work/school. So what did we get up to over the Christmas break...

This year there was a lot of excitement from the Little Ones in the run up to Christmas. Little 3 is now 3 years and 9 months and this year he fully understood all the Christmas stories and traditions, he learnt carols and festive songs to sing in a little pre-school sing a long and joined the girls in making cards, choosing gifts and putting out a plate of goodies for Santa.

Post tree decorating snap

Along with the girls he got involved in everything, it was lovely to see all three of them getting excited together decorating the tree and enjoying the magic of the season. Christmas morning was fun as it was the first year Little 3 understood the whole stocking thing and his little face as he traipsed into our bedroom on Christmas morning carrying his stocking and usual armful of teddies was lovely.

Happie Chappie on Christmas Day
This year we did things slightly differently and met with Nanny for dinner and games on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas morning before we all headed to Granny and Grampy's for Christmas Day lunch, This meant Christmas Eve was rather excitable and the Little Ones went a bit mad at bedtime (we might have to rethink for next year as they usually go to bed calm and without hassle) but it did mean we had the whole of Christmas morning to chill, open and play with gifts as I wasn't hosting or cooking the dinner.

Boxing day morning was spent opening gifts we hadn't had time for before going out the previous day and after lunch at Nanny's there was more swapping of gifts. The Little Ones then disappeared upstairs and spent several hours writing their own version of Alice in Wonderland, making costumes and colouring backdrops before putting on the most amazing show for us all which was really brilliant.

Little 2 was Alice

We then spent the blur between Christmas and New Year, playing, eating and generally being home enjoying each others company or outdoors walking with friends and puddle jumping during the day and out at various houses and get togethers in the evenings. The Little Ones stayed up later than they had ever done before several nights and Little 1 even managed to see midnight on New Year's Eve although she was actually in bed by then just not yet asleep.

The Little Ones has lots of visits from the fairies through their fairy doors over the festive period, if you follow us on instagram or Facebook you will know all about our fairy friends. I don't think we have actually spoken about them on the blog so look out for a post all about our fairy friends and our gorgeous fairy doors soon. 

Talking of fairy doors, Little 3 even got a Christmas surprise from the fairies and received his very own fairy door, he was over the moon.

The rest of the holidays passed quite quickly, Daddy returned to work and the Little Ones and I enjoyed a week filled with play dates and walks whilst we all caught up on sleep and adjusted to early nights ready to get back to school.

There was one last Christmas surprise in store for us, on the last week day of the holidays Little 3 came down with Chicken Pox, perfecting timing of course so he ended up with 3 weeks off pre-school, but that is another blog post!

Happy New Year from Loving Life with Little Ones x

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  1. Happy New Year to you all. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas break. It's so lovely when the children are little and over-excited. It drives you mad at the time, but makes fond memories :D


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