25 January 2019

The Little Ones watch Tinpo...the fun, colourful and creative hit tv show

There are baby ducks about to jump from a roof top, can Tinpo and his team lend a helping hand to the residents of Tinpotown and help them solve their problems? What solution will they come up with to prevent the clouds ruining their games and will it work. This hot new tv show is back with more new episodes designed to encourage pre-schoolers to get excited over ideas, the joy of creation and the ability to remain curious.

18 January 2019

Little 3 gets chicken pox- 4 tips to get through the itch

It was the end of the Christmas holidays, Daddy was back at work and just two days before the Little Ones and I would return to school and pre-school, I was helping Little 3 get dressed that morning and noticed he had spots. I know what this is I thought... chicken pox.

Just before the spots began

5 January 2019

A very family Christmas

We were a bit quiet on the blog over Christmas and New Year as I had a break from blogging to spend lots of time with the Little Ones and my husband as we were lucky that we all had two weeks or thereabouts off work/school. So what did we get up to over the Christmas break...