25 December 2019

Merry Christmas to all xx

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.....

The Little Ones were tucked up in bed, you see, after hanging their stockings by the fire with glee. A quick stop for photos under the Christmas tree and they all went to bed willingly...

Who am I kidding, three children and two cats.... they are far too excited to sleep, I am certain of that.

21 December 2019

Getting stuck into 3D puzzles from Kidicraft

What do you do on dark winter evenings and soggy Sundays or even during the Christmas break? As the Little Ones grow older we are finding that we are playing more board games and doing more and more puzzles on days like those, we have dug out some old ones recently and this week we have been having a go at some new super 3D puzzles from Kidicraft.

13 December 2019

Fuzzikins play sets review- colour, wash and re-colour

Have you heard of Fuzzikins? Cute fuzzy flocked pets that you can colour in and play with?Two years ago we reviewed Fuzzikins- cosy cats, both the girls enjoyed them then and they were played with for a very long time. The girls were lucky enough to get to choose a new playset each to review recently.

7 December 2019

GraviTrax, for big kids and little kids alike!

I am always looking for something different for Christmas, especially for my husband. I like to buy him something that can be opened as a surprise or with an element of fun to go with the things he has asked for, the DIY stuff or the obligatory underwear.

I first saw GraviTrax at Blog On last year and knew immediately that I was going to get some for him for Christmas that year, I knew he would like it and the Little Ones would too.

5 December 2019

Little 2 has a bed makeover with a Fab Lab luxury tye dye kit

I recently wrote about fun Little 2 and I had with a Fab Labs bath bomb kit and mentioned that Little 1 had been sent a Fab Labs kit to review too.  Little 1 received a Tye Dye luxury kit and I had the most amazing idea of what to do with it, a bed makeover!

2 December 2019

Tactic games review, Flags of the world, Wonders of the world

Sunday afternoons are for chilling in our house, there is no gymnastics on that day so we usually have a quiet one, we often go out for a walk somewhere but recently, with all the illness we have had, we have favoured staying in and watching films or playing games. 

We have been reviewing these two games from Tactic games recently, Flags of the World and Wonders of the World, so what did we think?

1 December 2019

An enchanted Christmas at Westonbirt Arboretum, Tetbury

On Friday evening we went to the opening of the annual enchanted Christmas event at Westonbirt Arbouretum in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, this was the third time we had been and it is certainly a fab Christmas family event, the Little Ones loved it and so did us grown-ups too.

28 November 2019

Fab labs fun- Little 2 makes bath bombs

'Can we make bath bombs?' has been a saying I have heard over and over in the last few months. Both my girls are crazy about the things at the moment and after making them at parties and having received them as gifts they have been desperate to make some at home. They were both thrilled when we were sent some Fab Labs craft kits to review in the run up to Christmas and one of them was Bath Bombs. The other was a luxury home tye dye kit that Little 1 used for a fab bed makeover.

26 November 2019

Peppermint- The magnificent Mars expedition- STEM kit review

Little 1 has a large interest in science, especially Physics, which probably runs in the family as I enjoyed Physics at school and even did an A-level in it. She often asks how things work and why they work the way that they do which leads us to have lengthy conversations about all sorts. She was recently offered the chance to review a new story based STEM adventure kit featuring Magnetism from the Thames and Kosmos Peppermint range- The Magnificent Mars Expedition RRP £25.

14 November 2019

The best birthday ever- a dream upon a teepee sleepover

When I asked Little 1 what she wanted for her tenth birthday she didn't give me much to go on. 'Just clothes and a sleepover', she said. I knew then what I wanted to do for her. I had seen on social media adverts popping up for teepee sleepovers, they looked so cool and pretty, perfect for a ten year old's birthday.

3 November 2019

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Glitter Salon playset review

Hatchimals, you have just got to love them, the girls have been collecting these little animal collectibles for several years now. If you are not familiar with Hatchimals they come in a little egg with a heart on, just rub the heart and break open the egg to reveal your character, collect them, swap them and try to hatch them all. 

20 October 2019

Juno, my baby elephant- you can't help but love her

Look into those eyes, have you ever seen such an adorable looking elephant, meet Juno. The baby blues looking up at you are just the tip of what this cutie has to offer and I can guarantee a few minutes of play with her and your children (and you) will fall in love with her just like we have. Everyone wants a baby elephant and Juno most definitely has the ahh factor.

15 October 2019

Keeping healthy this Winter with GET more VITS vitamin drinks

It's that time of year, the Little Ones have settled back into school, the weather is getting cooler, the heating has come on for the first time and it has been damp and drizzly for days, Autumn is here. The dreaded feeling that bug and germ season will soon be well and truly upon us and my thoughts turn to how I can help to keep myself and the Little Ones healthy this Winter.

7 October 2019

Little 1 makes the squad- she is flippin' awesome

They say that things happen in threes and it seems that when it comes to gymnastics this saying has proved right. You might remember back in August I wrote about Little 2 and how she was flying high- literally (in case you didn't, you can read it here). Well in the last few weeks there has been more fabulous gymnastics news and if you follow us over on instagram then you will know what I am about to tell you.

31 August 2019

Scruff a Luvs families- Little 2 adopts a family

We have recently adopted two gorgeous white kittens into our family, they came from a rescue centre and needed a new home, someone who would look after them and a family to love them. Imagine my surprise just a few days later when Little 2 was offered her very own toy family to love and care for, a lost Mummy looking for a safe and loving home for her and her babies. And with a donation of the proceeds from each product sold going to the RSPCA to help real animals like ours find their forever homes we were happy to invite them into our home.

23 August 2019

Little 3 gets set for Reception

As I sit here writing this I can not really believe the time has come for Little 3 to go to school, he is almost four and a half yet it hardly seems a minute since he was born but here we are. We have been busy getting everything ready that he needs for school this week and I have suddenly begun to realise this is it, my last child is going to school and I am not entirely sure how I feel about it.

11 August 2019

Little 2 is flying high- literally!

If you follow us on instagram you will know that the girls are crazy about gymnastics and in quite a short time they have both amazed us in their ability to learn new moves and test the boundaries of their confidence developing skills that I could only dream of being able to do. Their hard work and dedication has paid off and over the last few months there has been plenty of exciting news on the gymnastics front.

Almost a year ago!

31 July 2019

Cake to your front door- Sponge.co.uk

Hands up if you like cake, particularly giant homemade tasty sponge with deep buttercream filling or your own little, perfect with your morning cuppa, individual cake boxed especially for you. Would you like it even more if you knew it could be delivered to your door?

25 July 2019

The Little Ones are global adventurers at WWT Slimbridge (With Fearne and Rory from Cbeebies!)

If we ask the Little ones if they fancy a trip to Slimbridge they always say 'Yes', Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands is not far from us, we are paid up members and visit throughout the year. Pretty much every school holiday there is something different to entertain the children, we have been wildlife explorers, searched for giant LEGO animals, entered the puddle jumping championships several years running, we have been to burn off steam in the winter and cool off in Wellyboot land in the summer.

This summer is no different, this season you and your Little Ones can be global adventurers at Slimbridge, we were invited along on the opening day to see the unveiling of a new exhibit and to see what we thought of this years activities.

20 June 2019

When you go down to the bay today, Lansallos, Looe, Cornwall

We like to do a little bit of exploring and walking when we are on holiday, some days we take to a local map and look for somewhere off the beaten track, this was one of those days. It had been a wet morning and having looked at places along the coast we spotted a couple of National Trust car parks so we headed off to see what we would find.


7 June 2019

Chilling out in Cornwall- Hidden gems

So here I am about to write about what we got up to in Cornwall over half term when there are only a few weeks left of the Summer term. Life has been really busy here and I am only just getting the chance to catch up so bear with me... So here goes a Half Term break in Cornwall.

23 May 2019

A love for Ladybirds at Tyntesfield

If you read my blog regularly you will know we are members of the National Trust and often pop somewhere on a Sunday afternoon or in the holidays. The Little Ones love completing their activity trails, running around the grounds, finding woodland play areas, enjoying a tasty treat in the cafes and like to look around the buildings and chat about a bit of history or how things were years ago.

19 May 2019

Little 1 gets to grips with gears

When I was at school I loved science, I loved Biology but I really enjoyed Physics, learning about forces, how things work and all the science behind it. I studied the sciences right up to A level and still find it fascinating how things work the way they do. The Little Ones are just beginning to ask questions and take an interest in the way things work and the mechanics of things especially Little 1 who did a topic at school on flight last term.

7 May 2019

The Falconer's Quest at Warwick Castle

Bank holiday weekends usually mean a day out for us as we all have a few days off together, so last weekend we took a trip to Warwick Castle, somewhere I have never actually been before, to see the castle and grounds and to check out their new Bird of Prey show, The Falconer's Quest. 

3 May 2019

The one with all the muddy puddles

It was the wettest day of the Easter holidays (that one day it rained before the wall to wall sunshine, remember?), the last day Daddy was home before it was just me and the Little Ones for the best part of two weeks off school. It had rained overnight and solidly all morning but we were not going to be beaten by the wet stuff.

1 May 2019

The Girls flip over Moji Pops

Collectibles are a big hit with the Little Ones right now, it seems whenever they get a little pocket money or are allowed a treat they ask to get more, to expand their growing collections or to see if they can find the ultra rare figure they haven't got. All three Little Ones love to play with them, and Little 1 really isn't one for playing with toys much anymore, the girls love to barter and trade to complete the little families or combine them all together and take over the floor.

29 April 2019

Children are expensive little things

Is it me or are children really rather expensive things, despite their size (in the early years anyway) they really are rather costly. Even right from the start with a cot, car seat and pram they can require a hefty outlay and it doesn't really stop there. They eat and grow, need uniforms and money for all sorts, then they get bigger and the costs begin to rise.

20 April 2019

A smashing Easter egg hunt with a difference

Sometimes I think the Little ones get too much chocolate at Easter (too much chocolate, who ever heard of such a thing!), an egg from school, a friend, the grandparents and a local egg hunt near us and of course a couple of little bits from the Easter bunny on the day itself. While we don't go overboard with chocolate sometimes I think something a little different would go down just as well.

6 April 2019

A dude, a diva and the school disco

Last week Littles 2 and 3 went to a disco at school. Ever since we got the disco letter Little 3 had been counting sleeps until the disco and practicing his moves, there had been hip swaying, the bobbing up and down foot shuffle and some sort of break dancing going on here as well as repeatedly taking a run up and sliding across the carpet on his knees which had me shouting 'Don't do that, you will ruin your trousers'. 

21 March 2019

Mud and bloom- an easy way to connect children with nature

You will know by now that we like to get outdoors, splash in puddles and get a bit closer to nature, the Little Ones like nothing better than putting on their wellies and getting out to explore, get dirty and have a bit of fresh air whilst learning about the outdoors. We heard about Mud and Bloom, a monthly subscription box which delivers four seasonal growing and craft activities to your door and were asked to review the February box. 

7 March 2019

Wellies or trainers, Mum?

The winter weather can often be cold and dreary, I don't know about you but I am often tempted to stay indoors in the warm rather than venture outside. With the brighter and warmer than usual weather lately we have been getting out and about to enjoy the fresh air lots.

3 March 2019

My fairy kitchen garden- Little 2 grows pea shoots

Just look at that smile, Little 2 loves anything and everything to do with the magical world of fairies and imagination. She had seen a tv advert for a My Fairy Kitchen Garden and was thrilled when we were asked to review one, she couldn't wait to get stuck in.

25 February 2019

Pretty pixels eraser maker review

When I was a child I used to collect keyrings, I bought them from places we went or chose ones that had funny characters or that did novel things. My favourite was a mini thermometer that actually worked. I spent my pocket money on them but they were far too special to use and lived in a box under my bed. Little 1 is a bit of a hoarder and collects lots of things especially erasers, she has a box so full you can no longer keep the lid on.

21 February 2019

Dear Earthling- Letters from an alien and an interview with the author, Pen Avey

With three children in the house and all big reading fans we have quite a vast library of books when it comes to choosing what to read. Little 2 tends to favour books about fairies, princesses and happy endings while her bigger sister is into magic, adventure and funny stories. We were recently sent a new book to read, different to our normal kind of book, Dear Earthling: Cosmic correspondent...

14 February 2019

A very unicorn birthday

When I asked Little 2 a few weeks ago what she wanted for her 7th birthday she had replied 'A unicorn', not a toy or ornament but a real live unicorn. We had had the same conversation at Christmas when I informed her that we could not get her a unicorn as they simply weren't real nor did we have the space in the garden, but I did have a few unicorn themed birthday surprises that I knew she would love and hoped would make her birthday a happy one.

9 February 2019

Little 2 loves a New Ravensburger Spirit jigsaw puzzle

Everyone loves to sit down with a good jigsaw puzzle and the Little Ones are no exception, we have all sorts in our house ranging from simple 2 piece ones Little 3 enjoys to great big adult ones that take weeks to complete. Little 2 was recently sent this new puzzle from Ravensburger depicting the hit Netflix show, Spirit - so what did we think?

2 February 2019

Coming home to roost

One thing we like to do at weekends is get out and about, sometimes it might only be a walk to the park, a roller skate around the block or a bike ride to Nanny's but other days we venture a little out of the immediate neighbourhood and visit the local hills, a National Trust place or Slimbridge Wetlands Trust. Wherever we go we always feel better for it, the Little Ones love the outdoors and as long as we are wrapped up warm with snacks and a flask of hot chocolate to warm us up everyone is happy (usually!).

25 January 2019

The Little Ones watch Tinpo...the fun, colourful and creative hit tv show

There are baby ducks about to jump from a roof top, can Tinpo and his team lend a helping hand to the residents of Tinpotown and help them solve their problems? What solution will they come up with to prevent the clouds ruining their games and will it work. This hot new tv show is back with more new episodes designed to encourage pre-schoolers to get excited over ideas, the joy of creation and the ability to remain curious.

18 January 2019

Little 3 gets chicken pox- 4 tips to get through the itch

It was the end of the Christmas holidays, Daddy was back at work and just two days before the Little Ones and I would return to school and pre-school, I was helping Little 3 get dressed that morning and noticed he had spots. I know what this is I thought... chicken pox.

Just before the spots began

5 January 2019

A very family Christmas

We were a bit quiet on the blog over Christmas and New Year as I had a break from blogging to spend lots of time with the Little Ones and my husband as we were lucky that we all had two weeks or thereabouts off work/school. So what did we get up to over the Christmas break...