15 December 2018

Little 3 reviews the new BRIO battery operated action train

Rarely a day goes by at the moment when Little 3 isn't playing with something that has wheels. The current favoured toys are his trains, there is a track snaking its way around the Christmas tree and all sorts of vehicles are dispersed around the track as he plays out his imaginary scenarios.

Little 3 was recently gifted a new BRIO battery operated action train to review, he was thrilled when he opened up the parcel, his little face lighting up like our Christmas tree. He got it out straight away and started to build a track.

BRIO Battery operated action train (RRP 22.99) comes as three parts 1 x battery operated train (requires 1 x AAA battery), 1 x cement mixer and 1 x coal wagon.

The train itself has a simple forwards-off-reverse switch on the top and the headlight at the front lights up when the train is moving.

The cement mixer rotates when the train is moving and the coal wagon rocks from side to side, Little 3 loves this feature as none of his other trains do this. As with all BRIO products, this train is manufactured to a high standard and made from FSC wood, it fits on all standard wooden train tracks.

What I love about this train is it is quite powerful, it goes around the track at a decent speed and up and over our bridge without slowing down, even loaded up pulling other trains that Little 3 has attached to it, it is still chugging along fairly quickly.

Little 3 loves this little train, the bright colours are engaging and he loves the fact it can move around the track itself with the cement mixer rotating and the coal wagon rocking, he can sit and watch it for ages some days, plus the battery lasts ages too.

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