1 November 2018

Smooshins surprise maker review

Are your children obsessed with collectibles and squishy brightly coloured character toys? Would they like a toy that takes 'unboxing' to a whole new level? The Smooshins surprise maker does just that, with an exciting arts and crafts twist- you can make your own collectibles with the kit provided, that's over 10,000 combinations of characters and accessories, no one will have a Smooshin like yours.

So what is this kit and what does it do, the kit contains 2 surprise character moulds inside those plastic eggs with the ? on (one is already in the maker), there is a puppy, kitty, pony, bear, twin kitty and bunny mould to collect. In the kit alongside the moulds and maker (which requires 3 x AAA batteries) are 4 stands, a squeeze tool, 4 sets of accessories (face plate, tummy plate and head piece), instructions and 4 pouches of compound (one is labelled as a practice pouch).

The pouches supplied contain a colour and milky compound that when mixed together harden in the mould creating your Smooshin. It is really important that you follow the instructions to the letter as timing is really essential in getting your Smooshin to turn out correctly. Firstly make sure you have everything to hand including a timer and....

Step 1. POP. You need to firmly pound the colour pouch (and I mean whack it hard with your fist on a table several times) to pop it.

Step 2. MIX. Once the inner pouch is popped set your timer, you only have one minute and 30 seconds to mix the colour with the milky/clear portion. Quickly mash, pummel, pedal and twist it all together until thoroughly mixed and no clear part is remaining, this is essential.

Step 3. SQUEEZE. You then discard the bow cap and insert and lock the colour pouch into the surprise maker, where the bow will flash red 3 times to show you have done this correctly, you must them work quickly. Use the included squeeze tool to squeeze the colour into the mould, here the pouch inserts into a slot and you wind it (like a can of corned beef) then squish as much of the remaining gel in with your fingers- best done by and adult I think. You have 30 seconds to squeeze the contents of the colour pouch into the surprise maker to avoid the mixture starting to form (harden) in the pouch. After 30 seconds the bow begins to flash blue.

Step 4. GROW. Leave the pouch attached to the surprise maker and wait four hours, do not open the surprise maker to disrupt the magic in this time. Then turn the pouch clockwise to unlock and pull firmly to remove (and break the set compound cord) and immediately discard the used pouch. Remove the mould from the surprise maker and leave the character in the mould OVERNIGHT to continue to grow. You can then begin the second mould in the surprise maker while you wait for the other to grow.

When you are ready, using the bow on the end of the tool, split open the plastic around the mould and remove the mould.

Then release the clips and turn the catches on the mould to reveal your character, peel your Smooshin from the mould carefully and if needed you can cut off any excess around the edges of your character using scissors.

Inside the plastic egg when removing the mould you will also find a blind bag containing a face, belly and accessory for your Smooshin (additional packs are included for use with the extra pouches).

Our first pouch (the practice pouch) didn't pop correctly and we failed to get all the colour out to mix with the clear gel despite trying hard in the time limit, although everything was mixed well it obviously wasn't in the right proportions and our Smooshin failed, we ended up with the front half of a head and no legs alongside a gooey sticky mess which had to be binned so it really is essential that you follow the instructions to the letter and hit the pouch hard to pop it properly. 

We did unfortunately experience problems with all our Smooshin figures forming in the moulds fully, we left all our Smooshins over 12 hours to form and whilst the fronts turned out great and look good, our cat Smooshin was missing it's ears and none of the figures backs fully filled the moulds but they were formed enough to attach to the stands and the girls didn't seem to mind too much.

We ended up with two puppy and a kitty Smooshin, the girls love swapping around the accessories and once they had fully dried and were no longer sticky at the back, which took a couple of days, they enjoyed playing with them too.

The Smooshin surprise maker is priced at an RRP of £49.99 but is currently on Amazon for £35, also available are surprise character kits containing a surprise mould, compound pouch and a blind bag of the accessories RRP £14.99 (around £9 on Amazon) and Smooshins colour pouch refills RRP £9.99 (around £6 on Amazon).

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