18 November 2018

Playfoam Pals- a combination of sensory and collectible fun

Is it just my three that love sensory play? They love to get their hands on all things tactile at the moment and spend quite a lot of time moulding creating and building on any given day. Another big thing in our house at the moment is collectibles, especially with the girls so imagine their delight when they received these Playfoam pals to review.

We didn't have playfoam before when it was all the rage so this is our first experience of it, tiny little soft balls that somehow stick together without making your hands (or clothes or furnishings) sticky. Mouldable and flexible yet easy to form too.

In each domed 9 x 6 cm pot you get a single colour of non- toxic playfoam, a collectible figure hidden in the foam and a collectors card nestled in the bottom of the pot.

All the Little Ones love collectibles at the moment, the excitement of which one you are going to get and the bartering of swapping between each other if they get one the same, who is willing to swap what! 

There are 12 play foam animal pals to collect and inside some lucky packs there are rare golden pals to be found too. In the last pack we opened Little 2 was lucky enough to find one of these golden pals- Peanut the elephant and she was thrilled.

Not only are these pals cute but their heads and bodies separate so you can mix and match your characters to create new ones, the Little Ones seem to prefer to keep theirs as they are but did have a giggle at a panda with the elephant head and a sloth with a crocodile body!

We have been having creative fun this week using the play foam to build homes and habitats for the pals, Little 3 and I built a nest and a tree for his pals and found it really easy to mould and shape the foam as well as separate the colours back out afterwards.

Little 1 has been a bit more creative in her designs, a nest, a cave hideout and an elaborate multicolour slide and sea-saw structure too. 

Learning Resources Playfoam pals are suitable from age 5+ and available singly (for around £3) or in a 2 pack (rrp £6) Learning resources can be found on Instagramtwitter and Facebook.

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