11 November 2018

Jitterbug -the game that has the Little Ones in giggles

The sound of laughter is echoing around the walls, there is squealing and giggling as well as the odd groan of disappointment, there is a large colourful bug jumping up and down on the dining room table and the Little Ones are all playing together happily.

They are playing Jitterbug, the latest game to arrive in our house. The object of the game is simple- attach your four coloured legs to the bug first - but it isn't as easy as it seems!

Inside the box you get a friendly looking bug with four green legs to clip in and a hat which is the start and stop button, you need 2 x AA batteries and you are set to play. Players each take 4 legs in their chosen colour and attempt to pop them into the holes on the bugs body while the bug is jumping around, the first to attach all their legs and stop the bug is the winner. 

However this bug is so jittery some of the legs fall out while you are playing which can dramatically alter the state of play.

Judging by the laughs this game provides it is a big hit with the Little Ones, they can all play even Little 3 who might be a bit slower and need a cheeky little hand on top to prevent the bug jumping across the table too much and the adults found it took a few goes to get all their legs on as they kept getting jittered right off again.

Aimed at age 4+ the game is simple clean fun, we found the bug moved a great deal on the wooden table and we had to chase it around and push it back to stop it falling on the floor which added to the fun or we played it on the carpet where it was just as jittery but tended to move around less. Priced around £19.99 Jitterbug will bring smiles to anyone.

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