4 November 2018

Family fun with Penguin Pile Up

The weather has turned cooler and the nights are drawing in, all of a sudden we are spending more time indoors and the little Ones are digging out their games after school instead of playing in the garden or on the trampoline. The newest hit game in our house is Penguin pile up.

From the popular games brand Ravensburger, Penguin pile up is good simple fun, the objective of the game is to be the one to get all their penguins onto the iceberg first but....

 ... the iceberg wobbles, can you keep a steady hand and think about the positioning of your penguins to balance them? One wrong move and they all slide off the slippery iceberg into the sea.

The game is easy to set up, pop out three puzzle pieces which make up a sea coloured ring and put it inside the blue base with the iceberg on top, then assemble the 20 penguins which arrive in 3 pieces- the Little 0nes thought it was fab clipping the penguins together, finally place the red flag.

Divide the penguins between the players and take it in turns to place a penguin on the iceberg, if any fall off on your turn you have to take them and add them to your pile, first to get rid of all their penguins is the winner.

The Little Ones enjoyed the game and the challenge too, it brought lots of giggles and a few groans (as penguins fell) and some of us even managed to balance all our penguins on the iceberg without any falling off.

It is a good quick game for all the family, we must have played it half a dozen times in a row each day this week and fun for everyone even Little 3!

To make it a little trickier you can remove the puzzle ring from under the iceberg meaning the iceberg can tilt more, this did make it a little harder to stop the penguins sliding off and the game took a few minutes longer to play when we did this.

We all had fun playing this game even Little 3 enjoyed balancing his penguins and trying to use a steady hand, daddy and I had a laugh too. A great game for anyone, little kids and big kids too. 

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