18 November 2018

Playfoam Pals- a combination of sensory and collectible fun

Is it just my three that love sensory play? They love to get their hands on all things tactile at the moment and spend quite a lot of time moulding creating and building on any given day. Another big thing in our house at the moment is collectibles, especially with the girls so imagine their delight when they received these Playfoam pals to review.

11 November 2018

Jitterbug -the game that has the Little Ones in giggles

The sound of laughter is echoing around the walls, there is squealing and giggling as well as the odd groan of disappointment, there is a large colourful bug jumping up and down on the dining room table and the Little Ones are all playing together happily.

4 November 2018

Family fun with Penguin Pile Up

The weather has turned cooler and the nights are drawing in, all of a sudden we are spending more time indoors and the little Ones are digging out their games after school instead of playing in the garden or on the trampoline. The newest hit game in our house is Penguin pile up.

1 November 2018

Smooshins surprise maker review

Are your children obsessed with collectibles and squishy brightly coloured character toys? Would they like a toy that takes 'unboxing' to a whole new level? The Smooshins surprise maker does just that, with an exciting arts and crafts twist- you can make your own collectibles with the kit provided, that's over 10,000 combinations of characters and accessories, no one will have a Smooshin like yours.