28 October 2018

The Little Ones learn to code with Power Tracks

'Do you know what coding is?' I asked Little 1 the other day when our latest toy review product had just arrived, 'Not really', she replied. In a world full of computers, gadgets and technology I wasn't particularly surprised though I am sure I have talked to her about this before. I began to explain the room-sized early computers, binary code and all about coding machines and programmes to get things to work. She was actually really interested so I told her all about our Little friend Volty, you are about to meet. 

24 October 2018

The Little Ones finally get their sought after toy- Fingerlings Monkeys

Little 2 has been on and on about Fingerlings for about a year now, she first spotted them in the run up to Christmas last year but I couldn't find the one she had wanted and has since mentioned them, oh around daily! She loves all the colours and the different animals and was desperate to get her hands on one.

20 October 2018

A brilliant time at #Blogontoys - 6 reasons you should go.

It is almost 5 years since I started this blog and four and a half years since I went to my first blogger conference where I had a good time and came away with lots of ideas, information, a few new friends and contacts, it was high time I went along to another.

Having seen Blog On conferences popping up in my social feeds twice a year and hearing about what a great time everyone was having, how much they were learning and the lovely brands they were meeting not to mention the Christmas party, Blog On toy awards and the infamous Blog On goody bags I decided I wanted to go.

18 October 2018

Play Dirt, Bugs and a Monster Truck Rally- A three year olds dream

I have said before that Little 3 has a love of vehicles, it doesn't really matter what but trains, trucks and fire engines feature particularly highly on his lists when he reels off his favourite toys, not only that but Little 3 loves tactile and messy play and adores helping in the garden and bug spotting too so imagine my delight when he was sent the Play Dirt Monster Truck Rally recently.

11 October 2018

Snow much fun with Floof - reusable indoor snow

Now that the weather has changed and it is getting a bit chillier out Little 3 has begun to ask almost on a daily basis if it is Winter yet and seems more than a little disappointed each morning when I draw back his bedroom curtains and tell him that, 'No, it has not snowed overnight yet'.

2 October 2018

The Little Ones try out the 'Read with Phonics' app

Lately Little 3 has been showing an interest in letters and letter sounds or Phonics as they are known, he has been asking what letters are called and what sound they make, at just 3 and a half he attends pre-school but isn't yet in school so when we were asked to review the 'Read with Phonics' app I thought it might be a good introduction for him and a bit of fun too.