23 September 2018

The whole family get stuck in with Kinetic Sand- Beach kingdom

I am sure you will have heard of Kinetic Sand, the moldable, mess free building compound that you just can't help but touch. It is in the way you can squash it together to form structures which will stand for ages and then at the same time it can simply suddenly dissolve again sliding through your fingers in a liquid sort of manner leaving no residue. 

We are no stranger to Kinetic sand, in fact this is the third set that we have so that itself must mean it is good right. Made from 98% sand and 2% silica oil is has the strangest texture, it feels like wet sand but is mouldable yet seems strangely liquid too in the way it moves and flows. I can't help but play with it when the Little Ones get it out and no one else has been able to resist it either!

We were sent the Kinetic beach sand kingdom to review, it comes with a whopping 3lb of sand, 8 moulds and tools and the box doubles as a play area too. I like the print of the inside of the box which features a pop up beach scene and shells and flip flops on the playing area of the box which really does contribute to the beach feel. Then there are four 'castle' moulds, a bridge, two tools to dig and rake and my favourite the brick maker- we have had fun with that.

On the whole I like to encourage the Little Ones with creative play but I am also the kind of person that prefers controlled mess, that can be cleared up easily. Kinetic sand fits this kind of play perfectly. The sand is contained in the box while playing, the box is big enough to provide room to be creative with tall enough sides so that it doesn't get flicked everywhere and at the same time the right size for three small sets of hands to try and have a go all at once.

The sand itself is so easy to clean up, bigger lumps can just be picked up and put back in as it stays together, smaller bits just brush off clothes and surfaces and can be hoovered up if any makes it to the floor. If kept in a sealed bag or container the sand lasts for ages (one of our sets is still fine after two years play).

We were playing with our sand having a go at building mini castles and constructing pyramids using the block mould when the Little Ones cousins turned up, I say we as I was enjoying myself as much as the Little Ones, kinetic sand is really rather therapeutic I find. They all had a look and a play before the children disappeared into the garden leaving us adults chatting over coffee, the problem was we couldn't leave it alone. While the children had long gone we were building a wall and seeing how high we could stack castles without the sand giving away.

So not only is it mess free, creative, fun and a rather relaxing play thing, Kenetic sand is suitable for ages three plus and this set is available for around £19.99 from a variety of retailers.

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