4 September 2018

Strawberry picking with friends

So the strawberry picking season is coming to an end and I almost forgot to write about the fun afternoon we had strawberry picking with friends back at the beginning of the holidays.

We last went strawberry picking before Little 3 came along (was it really that long ago!!) and had been meaning to go for the last year or two but not got round to it at the right time of year, this year we were determined to go and after mentioning it to a friend, Karen over at Would Like To Be, the date was set, one warm sunny Saturday afternoon.

We met at a fruit farm near Cheltenham not far from either of us and with 6 children between us (the three Little Ones and Karen's three girls) you could certainly see us coming! After everyone had selected their punnet or basket, as of course they all had to have one each, we headed up to the strawberries to get picking.

There seemed to be a fair bit of sampling going on and to be fair the strawberries were delicious, the children were happy chatting and filling their punnets while us grown ups looked on and had a taste or two ourselves.

Little 3 was in his element running up and down the rows looking for the biggest red strawberries, I don't think many made their way into his punnet as there was juice all over his fingers and chin!

With the 6 of our children together all dressed in lovely summery outfits Karen and I couldn't resist the opportunity to try and get some photos, I find taking photos of my three children all looking relatively happy and in the right direction difficult let alone all of them together but we managed to get a few better ones.

This had to be my favourite photo of the lot though, all giggling, laughing and almost everyone looking at the camera, aged 3 all the way to 10 this lot always have fun together, whether it is a day out, a scoot to the park or simply a playdate, it doesn't matter who plays with who, they all get along.

After we had filled our punnets and paid for our strawberries we popped to the play area for a while Little 3 commandeered a fire engine ride on, Little 1 favoured the swings and Little 2 did a bit of everything, the slide, swings and sand pit.

We always have fun with friends and there were plenty of get togethers and play dates over the summer holidays to do just that, now that the Little Ones are back at school I might get a chance to write about our summer!

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  1. This day is on my to do list to write about too. It seems so long ago now but what a fun day it was xxx


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