13 September 2018

A new found freedom for Little 3

This summer was one of growth and changes, all three Little Ones shot up especially Little 2 and Little 3 found new independence and a world of freedom. It is amazing what a difference can happen to children in just 6 weeks and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly they change and grow even from one week to the next.

The changes in Little 3 have been huge, he is almost 3 and a half and changing rapidly at the moment. Little 3 has always been grown up for his age, with two big sisters and a mummy with a background in early years he has had a good start, he has excellent language and comprehension and because of this he seems a little older than he is at times. 

He has also spent a lot of time playing with his sisters from an early age and some of the more grown up toys such as Playmobil and Lego for a while now. He happily plays imaginary games at home like fire fighters or being Chase from Paw Patrol and schools with his sisters, he loves vehicles and tracks and always has his trains or trucks all over the floor in lines or rows and is great at building tracks for them to run on.

Last week Little 3 started pre-school and having been to the school nursery last year it has just been a room move and change of teachers really which he has taken in his stride. He loved going to nursery and he is ready for the new challenges pre-school will bring. He has begun to show an interest in letters at home pointing them out and asking what they are so I have started to teach him to recognise the ones in his name.

It was our holiday at the beginning of the summer that brought about the most of the changes, a big step towards independence and a whole lot of freedom. When packing for holiday we didn't need the travel cot this year instead of having him in a cot in our room we booked somewhere with a third bedroom so he could have a bed. We also decided we didn't need to pack the pushchair.

We still have a pushchair but not for much longer, it has sat folded gathering dust in the corner of the bathroom for the whole summer apart from one day he was tired and we had a long walk to take the girls to Sports camp. Last term I used to pop him in the pushchair to go to the supermarket after nursery, mostly so I could carry more shopping home than because he needed to be in there but having walked there all summer with him walking alongside the girls having behaved beautifully in the shops, I don't really need to do that anymore.

Our holiday saw the biggest change in Little 3, we stayed on a farm on the Isle of Wight in a static caravan, it was very safe with a few caravans, a big grass hill and a small play area with a slide built into the bank, a little climbing frame and a swing. Each morning the Little Ones got up and played in the play area with other children holidaying there while Daddy and I packed up a picnic and they played again in the evening until we dragged them in for a shower and bed.

Little 3 loved being free to wander between our caravan and Granny and Grampy's caravan next door and through the hedge to the play area, there was always an adult watching and keeping an eye on the play area and the girls watched out for their little brother while they played but he loved it, allowed to go and play, come back for a drink or a rest as he wanted and stay out until bed.

Lots more freedom followed, Little 3 spent time running around with the girls, playing on the beach and exploring places on days out but now being older he didn't have to hold a hand or get carried around, he was free to run from cage to cage at the Monkey Haven and climb the tree top trail at Robin Hill. He got to do lots of lovely things like eating ice cream every night, playing in pub play areas til late, tractor and trailer rides, canoeing and more. The whole holiday he had a permanent smile on his face, he was so happy and so free.

Little 3 seemed to change and grow up that week, he became more independent wanting to do more for himself and this continued over the rest of the summer, he now gets his breakfast himself but he can't reach the worktop so he pours his cereal with his bowl on the floor (it is clean I promise), he no longer needs us to help him in the toilet and he has learnt to dress himself (aside from his socks) and he just wants to do what the girls do, afterall Mummy 'I am a big boy now' he says. 

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