10 August 2018

What the Little Ones wear- Living in Lilly and Sid

I have said it before and I will say it again that in our house we love colourful and comfortable clothes, the Little Ones are always picking out what they want to wear and this summer season we happen to own quite a large selection of Lilly and Sid.

We may have received a little bit of a discount on Lilly and Sid this season which is partly why we own around half the current summer collection, however we love their clothes anyway and have been buying from them for the last 3 plus years and we weren't asked to write this post. I would have bought at least a couple of outfits for each of the Little Ones anyway, plus a few more dresses for the girls! 

Both girls have had plenty of the brand in their wardrobes for the past few years especially the dresses, Little 2 has acquired quite a few of her sisters hand-me-downs recently so her dress wardrobe is at least 70% Lilly and Sid! You might recognise a few of these outfits from my social media particularly our @lifelittleones instagram feed so I thought I would share with you here were we get these comfy, hard wearing, stylish clothes. 

What I love about these clothes are that they are kid friendly, I need clothes that not only look cool but stand up to what the Little Ones can throw at them, my three aren't afraid to play and get messy, after all that's what childhood is all about, so our clothes have to stand up to long washes with copious amounts of stain remover and I have to say these hold up well. There is absolutely no fading at all, no bobbling and no damage on any of the stitching or appliques so a big well done Lilly and Sid for that.

I love all the little details in the clothing too that makes them that little bit extra special, the bright appliques, the ruffles on the girls sleeves, golden threads, layers on the back of the dresses and the unique designs.

We have loved the SS18 season the most so far and filled our wardrobes with beautiful dresses, skirts, shorts, vests and tees for the girls and bright funky t-shirts, board shorts, joggers and a shirt for Little 3.

Right now Lilly and Sid are planning to pull on my purse strings once again as they prepare to release their Autumn Winter collection very soon, I have seen snippets of unicorns, swans and cats that I know Little 2 will be wanting and lightning bolts and dragons Little 3 would approve of.

Be it joggers or leggings and long sleeved tees or pretty dresses and shorts you can almost guarantee one of my children will be wearing Lilly and Sid on any given day, the Little Ones find the clothes so comfy they are the first to be reached for.

The only thing we wish is that they did bigger sizes, at the moment the largest size is 7-8 years, at almost 9 years old Little 1 can only fit the dresses and skirts now as tops and sleeves are now too short, it won't be long before her sister joins her as she is tall and I will be buying the largest size this winter for her. Thankfully Little 3 has a bit to grow and will be wearing Lilly and Sid for years to come. I am off to check out the new collection...... dibs on the unicorn dress.

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  1. Snap! I posted a similar post last night. Your children always look fab especially little 3. He has the coolest wardrobe of any boy I know xxx


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