17 August 2018

Is Little 3 really ready to go to pre-school ?

It is true what they say, children really do grow fast, literally from one day to the next. I find it hard to believe that Little 3 will be starting pre-school in September, in just over 2 short weeks.

Pre-school shouldn't be too much of a jump for him, he settled quickly into nursery last year and made a couple of lovely friends, he has had a couple of visits to the pre-school unit and is familiar with the routine and as far as the school run and early morning rush to get to school on time, well, we are very used to that here.

So what does he need for pre-school? We have got his uniform sorted thanks to his sister's hand me down sweatshirts and a couple of new t-shirts, he needs wellies for playing outside but his ones from nursery last year still fit so he can take them in for now, no doubt he will go up another shoes size soon enough, he has a new coat and new trainers too.

What he did need was a new backpack for a change of clothes and his comforter as the zip broke on his old one at the end of last term and he also needed a lunch box as he will be staying for lunch sometimes.

As luck would have it before I had begun to think about buying these Funky Pigeon got in touch to tell us about their personalised back to school products. I have to be honest I didn't even know they did a range like this, I tended to think of cards and gifts and that TV jingle when I heard the name. The range includes book bags, water bottles, note books, pencil cases, tabards and of course back packs and lunch bags.

backpack image courtesy of Funky Pigeon

With Little 3 in need of a back pack and lunch bag to set him us for preschool I hopped over to take a look, unicorns, sloths, princesses and marvel heros jumped out but there was one back pack that was perfect for Little 3, the automobile back pack (£17.99). Little 3 loves vehicles particularly fire engines, diggers, tractors and helicopters and so I knew this was the one for him especially as there was a matching lunch bag (£13.99) too.

We choose the colour of the bag and the personalisation (not shown in the image below) and were pleased that the products arrived the following day. The backpack is lovely, the perfect size for my three year old and a great shade of blue. It boasts a main zipped compartment, a large front pocket, padded adjustable straps, a hanging hook, small side pocket and a drinks holder pocket on the other side.

Safe to say Little 3 loves his new backpack and we have already been using it to carry his drink and raincoat in through the holidays, it fits well and the padded straps are comfortable too.

We also received the matching lunch bag, with a large zipped main compartment and net pocket just the right size for him to carry and perfectly big enough for his sandwich box, drink and other lunch bits as well as having a velcro flap pocket on the front. There is no chance of him getting his bags mixed up with anyone elses with his name right on the front of his lunch bag as well as his backpack.

lunchbag image courtesy of Funky Pigeon
With his back pack and lunch bag sorted there was only one more thing I needed to do to prepare him for pre-school. Little 3 loves to do most things for himself but getting dressed in the morning is a bit of a chore when you are three and have been woken up and dragged out of bed. In the past we have dressed Little 3 for speed and convenience on a school morning but I felt he was old enough to be able to do it himself now and would like him to be doing it for himself come September. This then means I can concentrate on getting myself dressed and we can all get downstairs a few minutes earlier for breakfast.

I taught him a few tricks such as laying out his clothes to find the waist or looking for labels and buttons to find the back or front of his trousers and how to lie his t-shirt out back to front so he can just pull it on, it has only been a week but he seems to have cracked it, we just need to help him with his socks now. This has also made him much more independent and he loves the praise and high fives for dressing himself though I am sure his enthusiasm will wane soon.

So is Little 3 ready for pre-school? Yes I think he is, he has all the gear, he is ready for his new start and the challenges, fun and experiences and friendships that this year will bring and in a few short months I will be sat here filling out school application forms, will he really be at school next year!

If you remember back to last September I wrote that I was starting a Teaching Assistant course, well I finished it back in June and secured myself a job for September so not only is it going to be a new start for Little 3 but a new start for me too. Funky pigeon offered me a few bits to get myself ready too and so I chose this lovely personalised pencil case to house my array of pens, pencils, stamps, stickers and glue sticks and a photo notebook too. 

The sloth pencil case (£8.99) has a velcro flap and two zipped compartments and at 14 x 21 x 5cm it is plenty big enough to fit all I need and with my name on it everyone will know who it belongs to. The note book (£3.99) came with the photo I chose and has a plastic cover to keep it clean and protected perfect for my notes and spellings!

The only thing about these products is they are lovely, so much so that I have the girls nagging me for new lunch bags too now, Little 1 wants the sloth one like my pencil case and Little 2 is eyeing up the unicorn ones, so much for being done with my back to school shopping.

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