21 August 2018

A big fat box of photo memories from Cheerz

When I think about all the photos I take of my family, the days out, holidays, milestones, birthdays and all the other things inbetween it makes me wonder how many photos are stored on my phone, my camera and my computer. There must be thousands of them and how many do I actually print out, not many to be honest.

Just as I had finished uploading all our summer holiday photos to my computer on return from our holiday last week an email landed in my inbox. It was Cheerz asking us to road test a couple of their photo products to tell you all about, having a whole load of beautiful photos in front of me I agreed.

I headed to the website on my computer or you can download the Cheerz app to your phone, then just upload the photos you want, chose your product and personalise it, you can save it and edit it or simply order it then and there.

I chose to review the Big Fat Box, a stylish greeny blue box that can hold up to 200 photos (though you could easily get more in there), perfect for holding our favourite moments for us to look through as a family. Priced at £25 for the box and 75 photos and then 20p per photo thereafter it is a great addition to the coffee table.

Prints are printed in high quality Fujifilm photo paper and can be in either square 10 x 10cm style or retro 10 x 8 cm with space for optional personalisation, here you can choose different fonts too. 

The Little Ones loved it when the Big Fat Box arrived, we sat together and talked about memories and milestones, holidays and happy times as we looked through the photos which was lovely. The Little Ones keep talking about the pictures and what they remember.

While we were away I took a couple of really lovely photos of the Little Ones, Little 3 on his first evening on holiday when we went down to the beach and he'd asked if he could go and play in the waves and one of the girls on the ferry on our way home, happy, sunkissed and the best of friends.

I chose to have these made into small 20 x 30cm canvases to add to our canvas wall up the stairs, the colours are lovely and the picture is not pixelated or grainy at all as with some canvases I have seen, and priced at only £17 too.

So what are you waiting for, get those holiday memories printed out and on the wall to remember.

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