26 July 2018

The one with the water balloon fight

So the sun is still holding out and boy is it hot, the Little Ones have practically lived in the paddling pool for weeks and keeping cool to avoid uncomfortable sweaty children has become the main priority right now. 

23 July 2018

Exploring the Giant LEGO animal trail at Slimbridge WWT

Last Sunday we had the most awesome family day out at WWT Slimbridge exploring this summer's attraction, the giant LEGO animal trail. Fourteen giant LEGO animals at 1.5 metres high dotted around the wetlands centre for us to find each taking hours to build by professional LEGO builders and using no less than 253,728 bricks to build in total.

21 July 2018

Little 2 reads with Oxford University Press new home reading scheme 'Read with Oxford'

In our house reading is a big thing, we have read to all three Little Ones since babyhood and still continue to do so every night. It may have changed over the years from toddler lift-the-flap books to short stories to Daddy and Little 1 taking it in turns to read pages of Harry Potter series but still we read. Did you know that Reading with your child can be THE most important thing to do with them to help them at school, to get along in life and even reach their full potential?

14 July 2018

What the Little Ones wear- Kitted out in Kite

When the package arrived I was so excited, tearing into the parcel to reveal the most gorgeous yellow t-shirt and fushia pink pedal pushers, I just knew that when Little 2 got home from school and saw it her school uniform would be gone in seconds, swapped for this beautiful outfit and I wasn't wrong.

8 July 2018

Little 1 is head over heels about Gymnastics

If you have seen my eldest daughter recently you will know that she spends very little time on her feet, you see she is gymnastics mad and can most often be found cartwheeling upside down or the wrong way up practicing her handstands. She can not help herself cartwheeling along the grass on the way to school or doing a handstand as she crosses the front room, she simply can not sit still.

1 July 2018

Dunster Castle, the place that started the love

Over half term we spent the weekend at Butlins in Minehead, on the day we had to leave to come home we popped into Dunster Castle. Dunster Castle was the place that sparked our love of the National Trust, when we were on holiday a few years ago we went to visit there with the girls and as we wandered around looking in all the old rooms and gazing at the greenhouse, we told the girls all sorts of things and answered so many questions as they were so interested, it was such a lovely day out.