10 May 2018

Little 1 goes undercover with the Project MC2 spy bag

I recently told you about a new TV show on Netflix that the girls have been watching, Project MC² set in the fictional city of Maywood Glen, California telling the stories of McKayla McAlister and her friends and how, with the help of government agency NOV8, they solve crimes using science experiments and hi-tech gadgets.

We were sent two toys from the MC² range for the girls to test, an experiment doll, Camryn Coyle and her eye shadow experiment which Little 2 claimed belonged to her,  I reviewed it recently (a doll with a difference) and the MC² Spy bag, modelled on the bag Adrienne uses in the show, that Little 1 took a liking too.

The spy bag arrived all packaged up and intriguing with a secret mechanism to open it, Little 3 tried to open it several times and failed, Little 1 was pretty pleased about that! 

The bag is hard plastic with a chain effect handle and inside was a multitude of secret spy gadgets designed to look like items of make up. There was a fingerprint dusting kit with powder disguised as make up and an air blower that looks like a perfume bottle, cards are included to record your findings and all you need is some sellotape to lift the prints. Little 1 loved using this to get a few fingerprints off a glass after inventing her own mystery.

There is a secret message launcher which has caused a lot of giggles and fun in the last few weeks, it looks just like a fake lipstick, pull off the lid and there is a rubber lipstick bullet with space to thread a little note in it, this then clips in place and once fired, the recipient can read the secret message. Little 1 has taken to firing mini notes to me from around the kitchen door asking for a snack or how long until tea or running into the room and sending notes to Little 2 for secret meetings! We have had a lot of fun with this one.

There is also a compact containing a sponge and a magnifying glass and a torch cleverly disguised as a bottle of nail polish.

Inside the kit is also a few test tubes, beakers and a little experiment book of experiments you can do at home to conduct your own crime scene investigations, we had a go at mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create a mini volcano which the girls thought was fun.

The Spy bag is suitable from 6 years and held a lot of fun factor for my girls as they pretended to play spies and conduct investigations like in the tv show Project Mc², they are currently looking for more mysteries to solve. 

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  1. We love the Spy bag....It is such a great way for girls to get interested in science. x


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